Philippine Water Filter Project

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This December, I will be traveling to the Philippines
with Project Save Our Surf, The Surf Institute, Zamora
Surf and Coast Thru Life, distributing clean drinking
water filters across the Philippine island of Luzon,
visiting areas like Baler, La Union, and Pagudpud.
I am trying to raise money so Project Save Our Surf
(PSOS) can supply the TSI team with the clean drinking
water filters, which are scheduled to be distributed to
various schools, clinics and families throughout the region.

No one should go without suitable drinking water,
We really take for granted the most basic of needs 
here in the U.S. With nearly 16 million
Filipinos living WITHOUT clean drinking water, it’s
my hope that we can affect the lives of many who
struggle in obtaining this most fundamental
life-sustaining requirement.

The team will be a leader in an important movement
to educate and encourage the Filipino people to 
maintain adequate, clean drinking water. Each person
on  this trip will empower multiple Filipino communities
by  passing on the tools to live easier with an independent and cost-effective source of drinking water.

Please help me bring fresh clean water to
the Philippines

Thank you,

Trae Candy
PSOS Ambassador

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