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The FCA Lacrosse Fellows Program is a two month long “internship” here in Baltimore, MD. The internship is an eight-week long program designed to help me personally grow in my Faith while serving in the Lacrosse Community. This is not your typical internship, it is a discipleship program that I am thrilled to be a part of.

Please help support me as I work with FCA Lacrosse to "Impact The Lacrosse Community For Christ"!

Adam Pitt $10.00
Kelly, BJ, Mason & Carter Hebert
Hi Ben, Sorry for the delay....busy summer for us. Hope the summer season is going well. Keep up the great work of promoting lacrosse in the right way! Good luck and Play On! -The Heberts
Ken & Rose Thompson $1,000.00
Shealy Family
Anna Tuggle $50.00
Kathy and Ron Cioffi
We're so happy to support Ben Corrigan!
Anonymous $40.00
Grant van Beveren $150.00
Chambers Family $100.00
Bartlett Family $300.00
Efferth Family $50.00
Kristy Hopkins
My son played lacrosse with Ben many years. Ben was always courteous, respectful & a great role model to all the players.
Brian and Laura Gray $250.00
The Horanburg Family
Excited to have you on board this summer and as a part of the FCA LACROSSE Family! Excited to grow together in HIM!
Solomon Family
Bob & Carol Hathaway $50.00
The Cohen Family
We are happy to support Ben Corrigan this summer.
Randi Daugherty
Have the best time ever!!! Can not wait to hear all about it!

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