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The FCA Lacrosse Fellows Program is a two month long “internship” here in Baltimore, MD. The internship is an eight-week long program designed to help me personally grow in my Faith while serving in the Lacrosse Community. This is not your typical internship, it is a discipleship program that I am thrilled to be a part of.

Please help support me as I work with FCA Lacrosse to "Impact The Lacrosse Community For Christ"!

Josh & Jessica Itzoe (Caleb) $500.00
Coleen mulvaney $100.00
Greaney Family $200.00
St. Josephs Church $100.00
Law Office of Drew Bauman $75.00
Greaney Family $100.00
McCarthy Family $50.00
Gray Family $250.00
Greaney Family $25.00
Stefko Family $200.00
Rowe Family $50.00
Horanburg Family
Excited to have you on board this summer and as a part of the FCA LACROSSE Family! Excited to grow together in HIM!
Dawkins Family $250.00

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