2016 Roda-thon for PROJETO KIRIMURÊ: Jordan "Afiada" Fenigstein

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We are partnering with Capoeira Arts Foundation and raising money for the 2016 Roda-thon for Projeto Kirimurê. We want to share our love for capoeira with at-risk kids in Brazil and appreciate your support. Please donate via the Give Now button! This is what Jordan "Afiada" (age 7) has to say in her video:

I love capoeira because I get to learn lots of trips and cool kicks. I was excited when I got my green belt early. I felt very proud of myself. It made me want to do more capoeira. I have a nickname - it's Afiada. It means "sharp" because my legs are strong and my kicks are sharp.

I like hanging out at the school because I like playing capoeira games with my friends. I have lots of friends at the school and I like to play with them while my mom takes capoeira. My favorite thing about capoeira is that it’s very sneaky.

My Mestres are famous. Mestra Suelly is famous because she was the first American woman to become a Mestra. Mestre Acordeon is famous because he was trained by Mestre Bimba. Mestre Bimba died a long time ago.

My teachers, Mestra Suelly, Contramestre Recruta and Contramestre Pincel teach me cool movements and songs. Contramestre Pincel always has funny hairstyles and he’s a good teacher. Contramestre Recruta is really funny, and in the intermediate class he pulls out a big trampoline and helps us do back flips. Sometimes we do round offs.

I like rodas because I can do anything I want in the rodas with my friends and kick them. I like playing with the adults because I can go as hard as I want. Contramestre Recruta says that kicks are like tools and little things like macacos and corta capims are like toys that you can have fun with.

Mestra Suelly is a good teacher and says “You can do it, come on!” She inspires me to become a Mestra. Capoeira helps me learn how to fight and defend when I’m in trouble. It makes me feel stronger and faster. Capoeira is a gigantic part of my life. I am capoeira.

Please donate for the kids in Brazil because some kids in Brazil are like 5 years old and have to build bricks to get money.

Love, Jordan "Afiada" Fenigstein


Why are we raising money?

The main goal of the Roda-thon is to help contribute to the sustainability of an at-risk youth program called Projeto Kirimurê (PK), in Itapuã, Bahia, Brazil. Once a small fishing village, this community has become overrun with urban crowding, pollution, poverty and the high prevalence of violence and drug-related crime.Through PK’s cultural center, local children between 4 and 16 years of age find a safe and nurturing environment through which they discover who they are, why they are special, where they come from, and how to find positive solutions to seemingly impossible problems. As the children of the neighborhood learn the game of capoeira, its music, history and philosophy, they develop physical and emotional strength, discover their roots and build self-esteem and character. Along with capoeira and related music classes, PK also offers literacy classes, homework help, psychological counseling, activities in health and environmental education, as well as field trips and a daily nutritious snack. PK works hard to engage the families of the children in all of the above work.

The Capoeira Arts Foundation is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been dedicated to supporting Projeto Kirimurê since 2005.

Click here for more info about Projeto Kirimurê

What is the Roda-thon?

The Roda-thon is a pledge based fundraiser in which participants play as many capoeira games as possible. As in many fundraisers of this nature, participants will look to raise funds through our extended networks of family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. Participants will search for sponsorships on a per game basis, or by asking for a flat contribution. Suggested minimums are $1 per game or a flat contribution of $20, but any and all contributions will go a long way to helping us achieve our goal. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of US tax laws.

Click here for more info about capoeira

Thank you for joining me!

Heather Rogers
Yay Jordan!
I love this Jordan. Having Passion for something is the best! You go!
Jerry & Moira Chin
We are proud of you Jordan! Good luck!
Yuling Wei
Awesome, Jordan "Afiada". Keep up the great work! Hugs, Little Auntie
My favorite new capoeira friend! have fun at the rodathon, you are gonna do great i'm sure, just wish I was there to watch!
Grace Petersen
Love what you are doing!
Auntie Cyn
Good luck!
Kathie & Hubert Von Marschall
Hi Jordan! Here's a little something toward your fundraiser. We loved your video and wish you all the best! Love, Kathie & Hubert
Bob Bates
Great job Jordan!!
Griselda kondo
Jordie - you can NEVER punch me in the stomach again! (Not even for calling you Jordie). Incredible video, great work, Afiada!
Julie Gordon White
Keep up the beautiful work! xo
m. suelly
muita obrigada AFIADA para ajudando!!!
ellen schatz
We're very proud of you Jordan and happy for you to have found something you enjoy so much!
Wei-ling Dai $100.00
Viv, Jeff & Brandon
Jordan, we are so proud of you! You are amazing! Keep following your passion! We love you!
Owen Alper $25.00
Grandma and Grandpa
Jordan, We wish you continued success! We love you!!! Love, Grandma and Grandpa
MIchael and Izzie
Jordon, YOU ROCK!!!!
Uncle JB and Yassy
Keep kicking some butt Jordie!! We are so impressed and proud of your passion, hard work, determination, and drive. Your gift of self-motivation is truly special. Bound by nothing! Amazing video! Hugs JB, Suthy, and Yassy
Tim $150.00
Thanks, Jordan!!
UCA Berkeley $13,282.00
Lindell Dixon $200.00
Mateus Collazos $2,831.00
Jae Shin $300.00
ElISA Pasquini $381.00
Mestra Suelly $2,595.00
Isaiah and Martina Morabito $358.00
Jordan "Afiada" Fenigstein $1,390.00
Amy Barsky $1,546.00
Monica Butler $240.00
Aryn Faur $0.00
Natalia Valencia $1,086.00
Keith Chong $315.00
Bende Toth $560.00
scott sacherer $825.00
Diego Arana $250.00
DeAndre Herr $150.00

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