My Kids, My Choice 2018

Let's pass the bill to protect a parent's right to call the shots for their kids! Learn More

To all Health Freedom Fighters,

If you want to call the shots for your kids & yourself, please donate to My Kids, My Choice. 

MKMC worked relentlessly with NY lawmakers to introduce S6141c/ A8123a- a bill that compels schools to ACCEPT a standard form for religious exemptions- NO QUESTIONS ASKED. When this bill becomes law, no school official can interrogate parents about their beliefs- while holding their child's education hostage. 

This bill ends all that. Let's advance & pass it in 2017.

Advocacy takes money. Time, travel expenses, promo materials- all add up. Your money will directly benefit your family- please share the burden by contributing- whatever amount works for you.   

It only takes a minute- and thanks!! 

Anonymous $200.00
Rita - John - sorry It's not more, but hope it helps with some gas. xoxox
Claudia Gomez
Thank you for all the wonderful work you do! You're amazing, blessings!
Raluca Gianakas
Thank you for your strength and determination, and all you do for our rights!
Thanks Rita for what you do!
Thanks Rita, Flo
Pia & Chris
Keep going Rita!!
Kara Uleman $25.00
Anonymous $300.00
Lisa Graham-Wanzell
Thank you!
Beth Randberg
Thank you for all your hard work Rita!!! it is greatly appreciated.
This is a God given right to decide for our children. Can’t believe it has come to this! My pregnancy, my birth plan, my child so keep your hands off them!!!
Anonymous $100.00
Lynne Edsall
Thank you for helping to keep our kids safe!
Adrianne Clarke $30.00
Dr Joseph Merckling $100.00
Victoria Sotelo
Rita thank you for your passion, perseverance and the principle you work with. Use these funds for whatever you deem best. Victoria
It is a life changing mission for many concerned parents and their children, thank you for all you do , may God bless you and give you strength in your fight!
Thanks for your hard work!
Keep up the great work Rita !
Peter DiPaola
Hi Rita, There are no words to describe how thankful my family and I are for you and John and Guila for helping my family... Keep up the good fight.
Ellen J
I just learned about you through the power of Facebook. So happy to see a bill like this is being worked on.
Jennifer & James Salierno $50.00
Mary Lent $100.00
kimberly Malone
thank you!
Chrissy Scavo
Thank you for you hard work and dedication.
Donna McElroy $50.00
Nicole Gioink
Thank you so much for the amazing work you do for us, Rita!
Stephanie & Christos Kotsogiannis
Rita we are so proud and blessed to help you
John Gilmore
Thank you and good luck!

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