2017 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

Boston to NYC to raise funds for those left behind Learn More

Dear Friends and Family. This year I will be partnering with the Tour de Force September 11th Memorial Bike Ride. We'll be Cycling from Boston to Ground Zero to raise money for those who made the ultimate sacrifice on that September day. As many of you know I participated in the Police Unity Tour last year, which was a terrific and truly humbling experience that I was privileged to be a part of. Due to a scheduling conflict this year, I am unable to ride in the Unity Tour, however, I am excited to announce that I have been offered a roster spot in the Tour de Force ride!  

The funds raised are presented to survivors of 9/11 as well as to the families of those first responders who lost their lives ON that September day, or years later as a result of illnesses caused by physically being at Ground Zero. I had the opportunity to serve at ground zero as a firefighter with the Mohegan Volunteer Fire Dept.  The team work and selflessness I witnessed by FDNY, NYPD, EMS and all the responding agencies was inspiring.  These acts of valor played no small part in my desire to become a police officer years later. Participating in this tour allows all of us to show our support appreciation to the families of fallen first responders across the county. I sincerely appreciate your support in helping me reach my fundraising goal. If you'd like to donate, you can do so by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

Thank you for joining me!

Brian Landsman - Fundraiser glasses $687.00
Tracy Marks
Good luck have fun
David & Arlene Belicove
We are so proud of you!
Julie & Shayne Visnich
Anonymous $300.00
Aunt Wanda and Uncle Poochie $50.00
Ray & Maureen
Good Luck Brian!
Adirondack Garda $81,739.49
Bruce Martin $7,695.00
Thomas Brown $6,140.94
John Barry $1,300.00
richard kozak $1,285.00
Robert Light $1,601.00
James McCarty jr $2,228.81
Rick Hoff $8,677.50
Chantelle Cleary $20.00
Maureen Garvey $1,200.00
Robert Cronin $32,503.00
wiiliam regniault $1,445.24
Jason Holligan $100.00
Rachel Harvey $2,205.00
James Murphy $1,320.00
Stephen Bernacki $0.00
Scott Wells $1,450.00
Scott Rivers $1,250.00
Robert Frechette $1,470.00
Derek Juneau $2,006.00
Brian Landsman $1,262.00
Kern Swoboda $2,505.00
Jason Doelger $1,250.00
Dan Reilly $2,125.00
Harry Doelger $300.00
Lisa Juneau $300.00

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