Flag2GC Charity Bike Ride

VEREIT Values is partnering with the Flagstaff Marine League Charities to help support deserving individuals living in rural Northern Arizona. Learn More
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Employees have the opportunity to join Chief Information Officer, Jim McCarthy on a charity mountain bike trip from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon on August 4, 2018. 

Justin Shuler
Jim McCarthy better ride all 65 miles.
Jared Pleasant $25.00
Gavin Brandon $260.00
santosh $25.00
Naresh $20.00
Good luck everyone
Gavin and Amy Brandon
Great cause and I am glad it’s you on the bike. I will be thinking of you.... on my patio. Finish strong Buffalo Bill fan!
Merita Pleasant
What a great charity to help Arizona’s children in need!
Lauren $100.00
Iulia H. $50.00
Bianca Martinez $100.00
Karen Halpert $100.00
Liem $200.00
Tom Roberts $250.00
Sara Grisham
Mike Bartolotta $250.00
Kristy Lubeck $100.00
Greg Browne $20.00
Brett Sheets $100.00
Andrea Smith $25.00

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