2018 Flag2GC Ride

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It’s that time of year again in Phoenix, Arizona.

With temps well into triple digits (114 degrees today!) -  it feels hot enough to melt your face off (think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) plus no rain in sight - we should all be sipping Mai Tai’s by the pool.

Instead, I think to myself (in no small fit of lunacy):"Why not do a 67 mile Mountain Bike Ride... in August?!”

And so - come August 4th- I’ll be hauling my 51 year old carcass up to Flagstaff, hopping on my bike and taking a little spin to... (dramatic music plays) …the Grand Canyon!

There will be dirt, there will be rock, there will be mud! Nay, mountains! HUGE MOUNTAINS at lung busting elevations –and- all standing betwixt myself and an ever diminishing horizon.

“Why,” might you ask, “Adam, would you do such a thing?!”

Honestly - all drama and masochism aside – this one’s a no-brainer. Why?

Every dollar earned, goes to Marine Relief Charities, which include:

Toys for Tots

Flagstaff Youth Program

You had me at Toys for Tots, but together?! No brainer!

So… if you’d like join in - help put a smile on a kid’s face - now’s your chance! 

Suggested donations include $.50, $1 or $2 per mile - or shoot straight to the head of the class with your gift of $100, or $200 or more - no amount is too big or too small. 

And not only will anything you contribute be greatly appreciated - it will also be tax deductible. :-)

Questions? Shoot me an email or go directly to Flag2GC.com

Otherwise, thanks so much for your consideration -and- contributions!

See you on the mountain!!


Travis Jordan
Good luck man!
Karee $25.00
Frank Vesci
Good Luck, stay safe
Best of luck and keep helping the lives of kids.
Rylan N.
Show those Mountains whos boss !
Finally Pedalling your ass for a good cause... you go boy
Tim P. Mendoza
You are a die hard! You go boy! Appreciate you helping out a great cause! Sorry you chose a way to help out that would kill most men, or at least get them to stop and evaluate what they are doing with their lives to help out the less fortunate. Hope my little contribution will help you reach your goal!
You ROCK Adam!
Elie $50.00
Toni Marini $50.00
Good luck
There once was a man named Adam At his age, prone to muscle spasm But still, ride he must Through heat, mud, and dust It would rattle his brains if he had 'em
The Drummonds
Get some buddy! Good luck on the ride!

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