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Hi Friends and Family,

This Spring a small part of our family - myself, Bert, and Sierra (Maddi) - will once again be going on the Mexico Mission trip with our Fremont Presbyterian Church. From March 23-31  we will be joining a team of students, doctors, and several supervising adults, traveling to Camalu, Mexico, four hours south of the San Diego border. Each day will begin with devotionals and end with worship and teachings. Daily schedules will be filled with working in the medical clinic and on construction projects in the morning, and doing outreach in the afternoons. I have no doubt that God will be working through us, and our efforts will benefit hundreds of people.

First and foremost, we ask for your help by way of prayer. We need your prayers for good health, safe travels, and that we be able to help as many people as possible. Second, you can imagine how costly a trip such as this can be. We are asked to raise $600 for each person. The funds help to cover the costs of travel, medications, and various supplies. If you are able, we would be so grateful for your support in our attempt to reach our goal. You can donate now (tax deductible) by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right and can use any major credit card. We appreciate it so very much. Thank you for supporting our family and for joining all of us on this mission trip in this way!

Muchas gracias y Dios le bendiga!

Jeanne Wallis $25.00
Clair & Diane Parsh $10.00
Alan & Kristi Foster $25.00
Mark & Cheryl Eshoff $75.00
Kathleen Silvera $25.00
Pat Galyean $50.00
Cathy Cole $20.00
Patti & John Dusel $50.00
Bob & Linda Case $25.00
Laura Lorbeer $150.00
Jennifer and Brian Wyatt
Mike & Joanne Butler $20.00
Robert Hearst $100.00
Karen Boulet $30.00
Karen Robinson $300.00
Andy & Lisa Bodemeijer $50.00
Jeanne Wallis $25.00
Mark & Chris DeWitt $50.00
John & Delette Spring $50.00
Pat Grimm $25.00
Dave & Liz Flores $100.00
Nancy Buckpitt $20.00
Tim & Dale Aust $25.00
Ron & Melissa Caldwell $25.00
Mary Lawrence $75.00
Bob & Nancy Brow $50.00
Steve & Carmen Allen
Nancy Rogers $100.00
Gene & Shirley Vanderwall $100.00
Lee & Olive Shackelford $75.00
Carolyn Metzger $100.00
Jim & Mandy DeFerrari
“We pray that you will find God's grace in your service to our church”

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