Please support the Menzmers as they administer our Father's love in Mexico

Fremont Presbyterian High School Mission Trip to Mexico ~ Spring 2018 Learn More
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Greetings beautiful friends and family ~ We, the Menzmer girls, are partnering with Fremont Presbyterian Church in raising money for the 2018 Mexico Mission Trip.  If you could prayerfully consider making a contribution, that would be absolutely wonderful.  Any amount you are able to donate would assist us greatly in reaching our fundraising goal.  Doing so is as simple as clicking the “Give Now” prompt (upper right) and walking through the process from there.  You can give with any major credit card and it only takes about 30 seconds  :)  

We sincerely appreciate your willingness to support us and our mission work in Mexico.  We are truly looking forward to this trip, to nurturing our faith and above all, being able to shine our Heavenly Father's light and love on others through the countless opportunities that will present themselves.

Anchored in His love,

Ellie, Lizzie and Lisa Menzmer

Cate Lewis $60.00
The Stitts $50.00
Carol & Wes Daniels $100.00
We are so excited for you ladies and the journey you are going to take together. We will be praying for you and all who you are with and all who you are serving. We know that you will be doing God's work and honing His glorious name throughout your week. Lots of love, hugs, and smiles
Arnott Family $100.00
Don & Kay Menzmer $60.00
Shawn & Kori Moore $300.00
Robert Hedrick $25.00
Andy & Lisa Bodemeijer $50.00
Angie & Woody Porter $50.00
Kathie Jones $100.00
Erik R. Wisner $25.00
Sheila Chilton $50.00
Hightower Family $100.00
Nelson & Gloria Krouse $30.00
Hal & Lois Wisner $50.00
Austin Menzmer $50.00
Wisner Family $50.00
Howard & Kathy Daulton $300.00
Jan Cross $100.00
Dave Wisner $200.00
Emily Gallo $50.00
Michele Parker $75.00
Jim & Julie Caselli $75.00
Kurt Wisner $150.00
Patricia Daniels $100.00
Sharon & Elliott Rose $25.00
Henry, Chris & Lisa Roe $50.00
Mitch & Susan Menzmer $30.00
Marylee Hardie $75.00
Nancy & John Keltner $150.00
Sounds like a wonderful experience for the three of you to share together while helping others! Besos!
Anonymous $50.00
Fitz Family Five
What an awesome use of your time and talents. Godspeed.

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