2018 Mexico Mission Trip Lauren Whitney

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Hello Friends and Family,

Please help me be able to experience God's love and grace this year in Mexico. I am looking forward to help serve the Lord and the indigenous people with construction, medical care, evangelism, and vbs for the children. Please help us provide medical supplies, bibles and transportation. Anything you can do to help will go a long way to support our cause. Even if you can't give finically we would equally benefit from prayer for our safety in Mexico, our trip to go smoothly without complications and our faith and trust in God to grow. Thank you for helping me support in years past. I will be sure to tell you about me experience. 

Love you all,


Heather Peterson $40.00
Sheree Barnes
Thank you Lauren for reaching out and helping others!
C. Renee Seeley $25.00
Kim Whitney $50.00
Jamie Peterson
Have a wonderful trip honey, we love you and we are so proud of you!
Elwood Phillips $25.00
Greg & Dina Anderson $40.00
Tami Metzner $20.00
Bill Mahon $75.00
Claire Wunschel $50.00
Theresa & Joe Gomes $25.00
Del & Bea Pifer $100.00
Andrea Sturgill $40.00
Joyce Whitney $100.00
Andrea Harris $25.00

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