Saranna's 2018 Mexico Mission Trip

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Hello, friends and family;

This spring break I’ll be going on a mission trip to Camalu, Baja California, Mexico, partnering with Fremont Presbyterian Church’s high school group. We’ll be leaving on March 23rd, 2018, and will return a little over a week later (March 31st). Any amount you’re able to give is more than appreciated, along with your prayers for us and those helping with the mission trip.

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For any additional information about where we will be in Mexico, you may visit

Thank you for your prayers and/or financial support.

Madahid Roman $100.00
John Ginn $25.00
Daisy Piatt $50.00
Azucena Roman $50.00
Michael & Gretchen
God Bless!
Liliana Roman $100.00
Judy & Wayne Johnson $40.00
Alicia Valdivia
Have a great experience!
Christy Kagstrom $20.00
Carl Lord $20.00
Alaina Boulier $50.00
Rosa Alvarez
Buenas tardes, Saranna. Espero que su viaje al pueblo de Camalú, B.C. sea una experience buena para todos ustedes. Suerte y pasenla bien. Gracias, Rosa.
DAVE $20.00

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