2018 Capoeira Arts Foundation Roda-thon

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Hey Whats up everybody!  

Music, dance and Capoeira have been virtually my entire life and lively hood since I was 13 years old.  Capoeira is a very special art form and culture.  If it where not for this special art, I would have never found dance, my mentors, all my close friends (which I consider family) and even my wife.  With such a special culture intertwined so closely into the fabric of my life I take great pride and value it's life lessons and creative encouragement.  

I am raising funds for to keep my Capoeira school's organization a live and thriving through the next year.  In sponsoring me for this Capoeira event you are supporting me in my passion and helping me to keep a positive balance in my life.  No amount is to small, it all counts.  If you have never seen me do this amazing art in its actual context "the game of Capoeira", I have attached a short video that has a fun game of me and my friend Tu Chegas playing.  She is amazing.  To see us play skip ahead to 4 minutes in the video.

Thank you for your time.

camille $25.00
Dave Simon
Congrats on yet another inspiring achievement bud. Love all the good you add to the world.
Katie Hall $20.00
Ralph Briones
Always down to support our capoeira family in the Bay Area. Love the Briones family.
john doyle $40.00
Justin Gavil $272.00
Get it, Co!
Contramestre Beringela
Good luck Cody! We're all here to support you!
Victor Chong
Jennifer Chang $50.00
Paul Smith
Sure happy to help out. I hope you reach your goal.
Leslie Liao
Hey hey, this is so special and I truly hope that the funds come through. I wish I could give more right now. At any rate, best wishes... and thank you again for coming out to DC and for your amazing support!!
Afsal Ismail
Studied abroad in Salvador, Brazil and this made me nostalgic. We need to keep this art alive. Good luck man!
Aldo Magliozzi
Happy to help!
Eric Groove
Hope you reach your goal ✊
Amy Nabong
Big love from me and Cali. <3
Let's get this flo flowing ;)
UCA Hayward $9,529.00
Chris "Mestre Recruta" Montiel $2,728.00
Marilyn Eakin $395.00
Dara Songye $175.00
Cody Ferreira $2,175.00
Sam Kim $508.00
Gerald Rafael $543.00
Aaron Vigil $575.00
brandon agawa $2,430.00

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