2018 Capoeira Arts Foundation Roda-thon

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Dear friends and family,

Please join us in raising money to keep UCA Berkeley's doors open! This magical space is my second home, my community, and my family. We want so much to get to see baby Caio crawl around the green floors while papa and mama try to train, to have him sit on the bench playing his little berimbau with the bateria, and to grow and flourish in this safe, healthy environment that UCA offers to adults and babies alike. We appreciate any amount you can contribute to help keep this cultural space alive and thriving for years to come. Axè! -Tuchegas

Tora $20.00
Nemo Curiel
Ese nche Cayito, vamos chamaco!
Artem & Karin $30.00
Contramestre Beringela
Familia Tuchegas, thank you for your support of my lil' fundraiser in June. Tell Caio I can't wait to kick it with him.
H, Cebola, Tanajura
Go, Caio! Kick ‘em all!
Bowser Dog
bark bark woof woof
Go Caio!!!
Amelie Gurcan
This is for Caio. Love you guys!!
Morabito’s family $20.00
Mosqueteiro $20.00
Capoeira Sobreviventes (Beirut, Lebanon)
Axé família!!
Erik Fernandez
Obrigado pela ajuda extra em falar portugues. Eu realmente aprecio.
Fogueira $40.00
Caio Maré $30.00
Rie & Eric $50.00
nina rudnick
Caio is going to beat everyone up!
Mniska Lamb
Got team!
Rachael Moana Wolf
Oh yeah guys! Workin’ it ;) Can’t wait to play with lil’ Caio ;)
Rachel Joseph
Muito axe!!!
Gabi and Gio $20.00
Arianna & Caníbal $50.00

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