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I am partnering with Capoeira Arts Foundation and raising money for 2018 Capoeira Arts Foundation Roda-thon. 

I know, we all have our money tight, so instead of just asking a donation I want to have a trade! You know that I'm doing a lot of photography, so what I'm suggesting is this:

You make a donation to Capoeira Arts Foundation, and I will provide photography services to you! 

First, some Perks - prints of my photos to decorate your home. I listed some of the options, but there are way more print choices (different sizes, aluminum prints, etc.) Feel free to message me for a custom perk ;)

$any donation = An archive of beautiful wallpapers for your laptop/computer. 

$25 donation = Perk #1. Fine print 12"x18" of one of my photos. 

$50 donation = Perk #2. A wall calendar 8.5"x11" with my photos. 

$100 donation = Perk #3. Canvas print 16"x20" of one of my photos.

If you don't want any prints - that's fine. I also offer photography services.

$5-10 donation = I take a nice quality portrait of you next time we meet. Perfect for profile pics ;)

$11-50 donation = Multiple portraits + prints. Discussable ;)

$50-100 donation = Multiple portraits + prints + Perk #2 or #1, customizable.

$100-250 donation = 1-2 hour photo session for your and your friends/family. You will get digital pics + 20-page photobook 5"x7" with prints. Or something else, dunno.

$250-500 donation = Things are getting serious now! I will be an official photographer for your event, like a music concert, dance event, stage play, sports event, birthday party, company holiday, etc. (no weddings though!) Please message me before donating, so we can discuss details

$500+ donation = Um.. even more involved photo event coverage. Message me if you want to donate this much!

You can see examples of my event photos here or other photos here

Message me here or send an email:

Thank you for supporting Capoeira Arts Foundation!

Tako Oda $20.00
Aiturgan (Aku)
Artem is very professional and we really liked working with him. Thank you very much for the photos!
Tatian Veremeenko & Alexey Samsonov
Family photoshoot
Trishna Saigal
Bay Area Dancers photoshoot
Nemo Curiel
Jaz Clemente concert photoshoot
Photobook from batizado
Photobook purchase
Thanks Artem!
Fotógrafo! Kick'em good for Capoeira!
Ashley (Paciencia) -UCA Hayward
Kick some butt and take awesome photos today. So sad I can't make it but looking forward to setting up a photo session with you at a later time. Axe!
amy barsky
Go Artem!!!
Rie & Eric
We'd love to do a family photo sesh. Thanks Artem!
Kate Reyna $20.00
'brigada pirata!

July 14, 2018 1:13 PM

Thank you everybody for your donations! Please contact me via Facebook so we can discuss setting up photoshoots!

Another donation came from my friends - Alexey Samsonov and Tatiana Veremeenko - who in return got a beautiful family photoshoot with their son Anton. Target goal decreased by a whooping $600!

July 1, 2018 12:37 AM

$60 donated by one of my friends for a photoshoot of their dancing event in Berkeley. Decreasing total goal down to $2825 !

June 5, 2018 1:48 AM


$40 donated by parents who ordered 2 Kids Batizado photobooks! 

$75 donated by Nemo Curiel - he ordered a photoshoot during his band's amazing concert at The Starry Plough Pub. Check out the album here.

So, based on these donations made outside of the Grouprev the total goal is decreased to $2885!

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