2018 Capoeira Arts Foundation Roda-thon

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Capoeria has become "that" place for me. A place where I can get out of my head and into my body. A place to re-charge my batteries. A place, where even on the hard days, I find my community.

Our fundraising is personal this year.

A grant fell through, and the money we need is to help the less-than-sexy operational side of things. The UCA school has not stopped it's scholarships program,  it has not stopped teaching this incredible art, but it has taken a hit on the back-end. And with a few dollars, we can fix that. We are so strong together. Please pledge any amount.....$10 bucks or $1010. My birthday is coming up...44 years. Help me hit my target of 440 bucks!
Muito Obrigada!

Hillary (Moranguinha)

Batuqueiro $20.00
Kelsey Rothrock
Happy Birthday from K R and M
Hill-Mahals $50.00
eric coblin
44 is REALLY old.
Alicia Butcher
Love that you love this...
Judith Anderson
Happy Birthday Hillary. Love Mike and Judy
Happy birthday
Anonymous $10.00

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