2018 Capoeira Arts Foundation Roda-thon

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Aloha Friends and ʻOhana, I am partnering with Capoeira Arts Foundation and raising money for the 2018 Capoeira Arts Foundation Roda-thon on July 14. 

I am raising money on behalf of the UCA Hawaiʻi - Água de Beber school, which is part of the larger United Capoeira Association (UCA), which is centered in Berkeley and is an integral part of the SF Bay Area and world capoeira community. UCA’s non-profit, Capoeira Arts Foundation, recently lost a big operating grant, and the community is coming together to raise money as quickly as possible to keep the lease and the school open. 

UCA Hawaiʻi has been an important part of my physical, social, and spiritual well-being since moving to North Hawaiʻi. In fact, capoeira has played an integral role in my life in general since my undergraduate days in Berkeley eight years ago. My capoeira journey began as a student at UC Berkeley, where there was a capoeira class being offered on campus by the friendly and great teacher Mestre Lagosta of Capoeira Mandinga school. A couple dear friends of mine, Ryan and Richard, had started learning the art and would play (what was peculiar to me at the time) games of capoeira in the courtyard of the large, eccentric student co-op we were living in called Cloyne Court. With hesitation, they convinced me to join in the games, unknowing of what I was getting into with kicks flying around and a constant swing of lively movement accompanied by song. I decided to join the classes and from then on, I was hooked.

I quickly learned that capoeira was more than just an all-body workout that refines one's martial arts skills. Capoeira is about self-expression, but self-expression that is a conversation with another's embodiment of expressive motions (and emotions) fed by the energy (or axé) of the community of other capoeiristas who play music, sing songs, and clap to create a spirited, unifying space for the game -- a game that is being revived all around the world as part of a Renaissance for an art rooted in the traditions of African slaves in Brazil. Reviving capoeira helps to keep alive the stories of those who have been brutally oppressed and who found an outlet to be expressive, while also physically resilient -- a task that capoeiristas from all over the world of all different colors and nationalities have taken upon themselves to revive as a global community.

Capoeira has that global community that creates a safety net for the traveler. For me, finding UCA Hawaii was an important encounter because I could find a community of like-minded folks in a new home. Several years ago, after a couple years without capoeira in my life (and a deep chasm could be felt from it), I went to a class in Waimea with Mario Hill, a.k.a. Instrutor Castano. I have since been going to classes regularly, reinvigorating my love for capoeira. UCA Hawaiʻi- Água de Beber classes are a place for me to put aside any of my work or life stresses and partake in a shared art with friendly, intelligent, and spirited people. 

To raise these critical funds for UCA, our UCA Hawaiʻi group is partaking in a "Roda-thon" in conjunction with UCA schools across the map. The Roda-thon is a FUN pledge-based fundraiser where participants play as many capoeira games as possible. Suggested minimums are $1 per game or a flat contribution of $20, but any and all contributions will go a long way to helping us achieve our goal.

My personal goal is to raise $500 and I am inviting you to sponsor me for the “Roda-thon” on July 14th where we will be playing capoeira from 12 to 3 pm at the Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hāmakua. Come check out the action and stay for the party! All are welcome! You can donate to UCA in the following ways:

  • online through my Roda-thon page: https://grouprev.com/2018rodathon-pablo-beimler
  • send a check to:
    • Capoeira Arts Foundation (CAF) 501(c)(3) (Federal I.D. # 94-2853995) at 1901 San Pablo, Berkeley, CA 94702. For questions call Mestra Suelly @ 510.666.1255.

UCA is an important model for a culturally rich, diverse, and inclusive community. I thank you so much for your generosity. Please reach out with any questions!

Muito axé pra você!

Pablo Akira Beimler

“a dance-like fight, a fight-like dance, a song, a way of life.” - Mestre Acordeon

Pablo. I hope you had a great "Roda-thon"! Lots of love. Mom
Pabs, this was a wonderful email to read! I'm so glad you've been keeping up the capo in Hawaii. I tried to get a group to come out and do workshops in Northern Utah, but alas no dice. So instead, I've started doing swing dancing as a way to scratch that itch for movement and community. Still, capoeira is something I would love to do again some day. Love, Erika
Jacqueline Sloves
Good job Pabs!
Richard Pauloo
Keep the Axé alive!
Jeanne and Tom
We’re so proud of everything you do, Pablo. Love and aloha.
Niklas Lollo
Keep it up!
Seri Niimi-Burch $20.00

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