2018 Capoeira Arts Foundation Roda-thon

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Hi Folks! 

As many of you know, capoeira, a beautiful and complex Afro-Brazilian art form of movement and music, has become a very meaningful aspect of my life. This “fight like dance” and it’s complexities of movements, rhythms, sounds, language and philosophy makes me feel so alive.....

A major part of my loving capoeira so much is the amazing teachers and students that make up the school at UCA Berkeley. Spending time with these people in the environment of capoeira as we are challenged and challenge each other physically, mentally, and emotionally is the highlight of my days. This cultural center is a place where we learn by example to support and help eachother unconditionally.

This year our school has lost a $60,000 grant that we have depended on for years. As a non profit organization, UCA Berkeley is feeling the financial strains of not having this grant. Thus, we are holding a roda-thon as a fundraiser!

What is a roda-thon, you may ask? It is a super fun event in which we play capoeira! The capoeiristas (like me) ask their sweet friends and family (that’s you) to sponsor them in playing their heart out at the roda-thon to raise money to keep our lovely school open! Of course, you are welcome to come to the event and share in the magic of capoeira :) 

It is very easy to donate...all you have to do is hit the button “Give Now” on the upper right of this page. I, and all at UCA Berkeley, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your donations! And we also suggest that you come check out our school and give capoeira a try!

Thank you for joining me!

Kick some butt!
Pascale Huber
Love you ***
Artem & Karin $30.00
Kjeld Pedersen
Woot woot!
CM Radio Velho
Keep your arms up...protect your face!!!
Susan Quirarte
Love you and hope you raise what you need.
Lauren Gibson
Keep it alive! Love what you all do!
Fogueira $40.00
Tatubola $50.00
Coordinadora Social, vida pura!
Kathy Van Liefde
What a wonderful cause.
DK Catering & Events
Happpy to help! xoxo
You're awesome and I wish your capoeira school all the best!
Nemo C
Go throw a bunch of bencaos
Awesome Co-workers
You go girl!!
Ieeeee! Capoeira me chama
Brent Johnson $50.00
Your Berimbau sounds beautiful!
Caio Maré da Baía
¡vamos tia!

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