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Hey family and friends!

If you've known me for a long while, you probably know that Capoeira has become a significant part of my life. If you've not yet discovered this fact, I can say for certain that my that my interactions with you have been shaped by the things that I've learned in Capoeira.

For me, Capoeira has always been more than a dance, more than a martial art. It has been a place where I can discover who I am, to grow my humanity, to show the full expressive parts of my being. I have become a part of the Capoeira community and I love the way we can all come together to connect with each other in such rich and powerful ways.

( Can you find me in the following Capoeira video? )

Every year my Capoeira group does a fundraiser, and this year it is particularly important to me: our fundraising dollars are going directly to our main UCA school. For the last few years, the Capoeira Arts Foundation has received a grant that has enabled them to keep an amazing school open in the heart of Berkeley, CA. Unfortunately, this year the grant money was not renewed, and so our Berkeley school may not be able to keep their studio space. :(

I always take time to go to our UCA School in Berkeley at least once or twice a year to visit my Mestres, Mestre Acordeon and Mestra Suelly. These two individuals have given me so much inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom--I want to help support and give back to them!

So here is my call and ask! Please help me support this beautiful cultural art form that brings so much to my life. Please help me support my teachers and my school so that I can keep learning and growing in Capoeira. I appreciate your support!

Thank you for listening!

-Tian Yu Yen

Lyra Goldman
Thanks for reaching out!
Good luck meeting your goal. It looks like you are close!
saw you front and center!
Amy & Derek $50.00
Proud of your devotion! Keep going!! Good luck!
Troy Butler $100.00

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