2019 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park to raise funds for those who made the ultimate sacrifice ! Learn More
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Friends and Family, 

As many of know, I have participated with Tour de Force Memorial Bike Ride for several years. This will be my 7th continuous year raising money for families, who's members that have died serving their communities. This charity presents checks to dozens of widows and orphans and each year from across the country, and raises approximately half a million dollars for them, all because of your generosity. Please see the website for photos and lists of past recipients.

I humbly ask you to be as generous as you can, as I have to raise a minimum of $1400 to participate in an approximately 275 mile, 4 day bicycle ride. So every dollar, even $5 or $10 donation is very much appreciated and will help in achieving my goal. All donations are fully tax deductible. 

This is the only one I have appealed annually for. Through my years in participation, its been a privilege to have gotten to know many riders and the board members who started this back in 2002. Know that I also donate to this worthy charity. 

You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right. You can donate with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. 

I appreciate it so very much, thank you for joining me! God bless and stay safe!

NYPD Holy Name Society NY, BX, SI $100.00
RSCT $450.00
Facebook Birthday Donations $252.00
Joe & Marie Krug $100.00
CJK $500.00
Rockland Shields $49,130.00
Dennis Dodrill $7,100.00
Jason Lonecke $1,650.00
Kevin Bozarth $4,965.00
yohanny pena $5,068.17
vincent krill $1,450.00
Hector Mercado $1,589.50
Mathew Krill $1,425.00
Henry Sirakovsky $7,322.16
Joseph Agosto $1,950.00
Zachary Agosto $330.00
Kenny Beyer $5,463.17
Robert Vaccarino $2,415.00
Ann Petterson $1,500.00
Kathy McGovern $1,800.00
Kevin McGovern $1,400.00
Nik Dedvukaj $1,400.00
Clement Krug $1,402.00
roberto dominguez $900.00

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