2020 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

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Hello friends and family!

For the fourth year now, I and 300 other bikers will be pedaling to raise money for families of Law Enforcement Officers who have lost their lives in the Line of Duty as well as in rememberance of those who died on Sept. 11, 2001. This 4 day, 280 mile test of endurance and spirit starts in Boston and concludes in New York City.

As the widow of a CT State Trooper killed in the line of duty, the idea of raising money for families of the fallen is very special to me.

The Tour de Force NY was originated in 2002 by New York Police Officers in response to the terrorist attacks on America on Sept. 11, 2001.

With your support, we can partner in easing the financial burden these families face during the worst time in their lives.

Any major credit card is accepted and it takes less than a minute. I’m grateful for your generosity so very much.

Thank you,


Thank you for being a part of TEAM CAROL! 

Michael Mason
It is a great thing you are doing, wish I could donate more. It is a rather challenging time for me now. This is a great way to honor him. I want to say God bless you for what you stand for and may the light shine on you. Peace be with you.
Melissa Brezniak
Jessica Roberts-McGee
Love you my friend
David Pierro
Pamela Lavery
Have a safe ride, Carol!!
Don Burton $50.00
Dawn Gorgone
Gregory Potamis $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Bryan Fahey
Good Luck!!!
David Blezard $50.00
Anonymous $25.00
Jennie Lavoie $50.00
Fran & Sue $100.00
David DelVecchia $250.00
Mike Hofbauer
Be safe.
Rev. Denise Terry
With all my love and prayers, Carol! Thank you for always paying it forward. Have a safe and healthy ride.
National Troopers Coalition $100.00
Donna Dacey
Happy cycling
Maj. Michael B. Darcy, CSP (Ret.) & Erin Darcy
Way to go !
Michael Perry $50.00
Brian contenta
Nancy & Chip Vitone $100.00
Kenny Cain
Bette $50.00
Anthony PORTANOVA $100.00
Martha Vivian
Sgt. D Wagner #208, Retired
Ride on Carol! I just pointed out the Russ Bagshaw memorial highway sign to my family as we passed yesterday. Never forgotten.
Eric and Julie Murray
Thank you Carol. We love you and are always inspired by your resiliency!
Julia Anne Nucera
Good Luck!!
Jon Rosinski
Thank you!!
Mark Dumas $25.00
Matthew Ewing
Ride safe. Thank you for your continued commitment to others.
John Krupinsky $25.00
FOP $250.00
Diane and Tony Morianos
Russ was a great guy who always wore his smile. I am still so sorry for your loss and the loss to his State Police family. I was in the detective division at Troop K when Russ worked there. I was also assigned to the scene of his murder and subsequent investigation. Truly the worst day of my career. I am glad you are helping others who are going through what you went through. Diane
Sergeant Jerry Longo (ret)
Go for it Carol !
Andy Rebmann $25.00
Ken Dillon $100.00
WPD-220 (Retired)
Carol Bagshaw
Have a great ride!
Good luck Carol!!!
Debbie Gadoury Kaufman $30.00
William Mumford $20.00
John and Dana Masse $100.00
Kaitlyn Maciag $50.00
Go Team Carol!!! Safe riding.
Evan and Jenn Shaw-Mumford
Steve Plante
Connecticut State Police Union $250.00
John & Nancy Calderbank
Glastonbury, CT
Robert & Rhonda Bagshaw
South Windsor, CT
Tomas & Lillian Reese
Vernon, CT
William Bassler
Red Bank, NJ
Leon & Carol Zapadka
Bolton, CT
Christine Lord
Lebanon, CT
Joseph Perry
Uncasville, CT
LJ Badge & Emblem
Monroe, CT
Ralph & Lynn Carpenter
Orange, MA
Harold & Jolanta Krach
Manchester, CT
Joyce and James Auman $50.00
Robert Bencker
Bill was a truly outstanding gentleman and my friend at the Hartford Bridge Club.
Kimm and John Duclos
Carol we wish you luck with ride this year, we are making this donation in memory of your father, our condolences for your loss
Lester Forst
Thinking of you.
Anne and Joe Deslauries $150.00
Jennifer & Wendy
We love you Carol. Ride baby ride
Paul and Kathleen Farkey
So sorry for the loss of your Dad. It is so close to the loss of your beloved mother. We are so sorry for your loss. The bike race is a great charity, we arealwags honored to support. Our love always
Elisabeth and Jim
We are glad to support you, and Russ, always, Carol. A worthy cause from a dear friend. Ride on!
Dustin Bagshaw
Love what you do. Always proud to be able to help.
Eileen O’Rourke $50.00
The Tullys
Good luck Carol and we appreciate you letting us be a part of this
John Mongell
Good luck this year Carol. Russ was a friend.
Angela Lacaprucia $50.00
Karoline Keith $50.00
Rob D’Addabbo $80.00
Connecticut State Police Credit Union $100.00
Club East Colfax $29,036.40
Gregg Swanson $1,814.00
Robin Golden $1,000.00
Andrew Walker $1,070.00
Stephen Bellos $800.00
Carol Bagshaw $6,305.00
Lee Couture $0.00
Megan Sylvestre $800.00
Troy Gelinas $1,830.01
Tim Bentley $1,265.00
Joe Funaro $1,290.01
Laura Taglianetti $925.00
Danna Horgan $800.00
Pasquale Folino $800.00
Matthew Fedor $950.00
Patrick Flanagan $1,085.00
Thomas Eckstadt $650.00
Kathrine Thibodeaux $610.00
Megan Murphy $525.00
Jason Pray $1,285.00
Brett Mahoney $1,075.00
Peter Reichard $650.00
Shawn Cervera $1,400.00
scott Odonnell $1,107.38
Victor Ebersole $1,000.00

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