2021 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

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Hi Friends and Family,
I’m raising money for 2021 Tour deForce Memorial Bike Ride.  This 300 mile bike ride raises funds for families of Police Officers who’ve died in the line of duty as well as honor those who died 20 years ago during the attacks on America.  Together, you and I will help ease the financial burden these families face after their loss.  As a member of Team Carol, you have done your part and on the days surrounding Sept. 11, 2021, I’ll do mine.  I could not do this without you! 

I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate by clicking on “Give Now” on the upper right.  And if you feel so inclined, please forward my page to others.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining Team Carol!!


David Pierro
Jeanne and Bill Kowalsky
So sorry your ride got cut short. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Jess and Jen Roberts-McGee
Good luck Bagshaw, ride safe! We love you!
Gano’s $200.00
Ct State FOP $250.00
Charles & Dawn Mazzola
Robin Schwarze $20.00
Steve and Tricia Schiavi
David DelVecchia $250.00
Enfield Police Benevolent Association $100.00
Robert & Rhonda Bagshaw and family
Love, Bob, Rhonda, Tom, and Lillian
Ed and Steph Gould
Carol, you got this. I'm proud of you and your efforts. I'm proud to call Russ my classmate and friend.
Kathy McDonnell Minor
Karen Foley O’Connor
Jennifer Wisniewski
Your the best Carol!
Carolyn $25.00
Club East Colfax Golf Fundraiser $756.00
Tim Nolan
Good luck, stay healthy.
Bill and Melissa Krauss $25.00
Colleen Bonker
You are an inspiration for us all♥️
You’re amazing
Michael Devine $50.00
Mike Fornes
Good luck!
Martha Vivian
You are amazing, my friend!
Bill Schaeffer Jr.
Carol, Keep that saddle warm. Great cause. What a way to keep fit. Have fun. Good luck, Bill
Robert L Neerman
In honor of Russ
Ed Brunt
Hard to believe that 30 years have passed. We will never forget.
Nancy Brownfield $25.00
I Raised over $800 in 2020 (Credit) $250.00
william rooney
good luck carol
Tom Kerrigan
All the best Carol - happy to support your cause
God Bless, Russ was my classmate CSP 96 TT as you know he was well liked and deeply respected by all
Nancy Bakos $50.00
Mike Hofbauer
As always, best of luck to you. You are the best!
Tim Barry
Carol, Keep up the good work! Tim
Bob & Maureen
Good luck, Carol!
Go Carol!!!! We Miss You!! Be Well and Safe!! Larry and Crew at Capitol Uniform!!
Melissa Brezniak $25.00
John TUrner
Have a safe ride!
Thanks for allowing me to contribute and all your effort over the many years! I’m know my classmate must be proud! God bless you!
David Wagner-CSP Academy Classmate, 96th T.T.
Wishing you all the best in reaching your goal!
Jackie & Steve Nelson
Good luck, Carol!
You go GIRL!
Wanda Willard $100.00
Good Luck on your ride❤️
Pamela Evans-Stein
Good luck in your ride! Glad to help honor your husband.
Donald Stankosky
Have good ride, Carol! From TFC Don Stankosky
Christopher and Julie Burns
Connecticut State Police Union $100.00
Wayne Buck
Good luck
Andy Rebmann $25.00
Bill Clark
What you're doing is very inspirational, have a safe ride.
The Tully’s
Appreciate all you do carol and thanks for allowing us to help.
Beverly Tilden
You're a very special lady!!
Gary Pesso
Love donating to a great cause. Nice job Carol!
Rob Briatico
Carol, Best of luck to you !
Ralph Carpenter
Wishing you the best as you once again raise money for such a wonderful cause.
Peter & Tammy Einsiedel
Best of Luck, Always!!
John 505
Please be safe on your journey
Jackie M
Have a safe ride, Carol! Jackie Maltzan
Diane Morianos
My pleasure to give to this cause. Russ’s assassination was certainly the worst day of my career, it was surreal going to that scene. I give you lots of credit for standing by his memory all these years. I worked at Troop K in the detective division when Russ was on the road. He was so nice and always wore that smile. My love to you.
Jeanne Kowalsky
Lester & Nancy $100.00
Bette C $50.00
Andrulat Andrulat
30 years. RIP. Thank you. ❤️ Thinking of you, Carol.
Herb and Nancy Burnham
So happy to know Russ. I mentored him as a FTO SGT Miss him dearly Good luck, Carol!
David Blezard $100.00
William Curwen
Good Luck
Lisa Sachatello
Carol, you are awesome! Thank you for riding! :) It doesn't seem possible that it has been 30 years for Russ. Never Forget. Love you! Lisa
Maira Fowler $30.00
John & Lauren
Bill & Melissa Krauss $50.00
Jay St John $100.00
Mike Foley $150.00
Keri and Michelle
Good Luck Carol!
Sam and Darcy Izzarelli
You are amazing!
Angela Lacaprucia & Geoff Moore $100.00
Mitchell Cichy
Great work Carol! Thank you!!
Michael Hoffman
Blessed be
Colleen Bonker
Stay safe and have fun! Love your strength and courage.
richard aude $25.00
Julia Anne Nucera
God Bless!
Marc P.
Your dedication to Russ’ memory is inspiring to us all.
Kathy Martel
Carol, I can't believe this will be your last ride. I applaud you and all you have done for families of officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. I hope all is going well and you still enjoy your position at Backus. ECSU isn't the same without you. Take care, Kathy Martel
Cherie moore
Honored to support you and this amazing cause
It’s good to hear from you. Good luck. Reach out anytime.
Anne Mahoney $100.00
Good luck! Be safe. DP
Anonymous $50.00
Ken Cain
Kick ass!!
Tom Seeley
Also posted in the CSPMail forums. Good luck!
The O'Rourkes $100.00
Jennie Lavoie Armenakes $50.00
Ian Hawes
Good luck!
DJ and Maura Thompson
Time passes but the memory of that day is fresh our minds.
Doug Curry
God Bless you Carol for all the awesome volunteering you have done over the past many years. You are one mighty fine lady with the heart of gold. It is my pleasure to be able to donate to such a very worthy cause.
Dan Sivori
As with previous years, wishing you great success and health on the ride.
Such a great cause, good luck!!!
Heidi Roberto $25.00
Jennifer Miller $50.00
Suzie Greene $100.00
Jeff Hodder
Thanks for all you do Carol for this worthwhile cause.
John and Dana Masse $100.00
Ben Hoffman
Have a safe ride Carol!!

September 13, 2021 10:45 PM

It’s late on September 13.  It’s been two days since my bike accident.  I’m still with the “Tour”, but only as cheerleader. Unfortunately, with only 3 miles left on day 1, I crashed my bike leaving me unable to continue. It’s a disheartening end to my ride.  But I stayed to continue to complete what we had started.  I suffered 2 fractures to my left arm, but am otherwise ok.  You and I raised over $8,000 this year.  That money goes to a family who can now pay their mortgage, electric bill, funeral services or whatever they need.  You should be proud of that!  Your selflessness is honorable, especially during these difficult times.  

I thank you and truly appreciate you.

With gratitude and love,


September 11, 2021 3:00 AM

Today is September 11, 2021.  It’s the 20th year since the attacks on our great country in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC. In a few hours, I’ll begin the first leg of our journey from Boston to NYC.  While typing this, I’m reflecting on the scenes that we all saw on television that day and the days following the plane crashes.  

So many first responders from those days have left us including three from CT:  CT State Trooper First Class Walter Greene, Jr., CT State Trooper First Class Eugene Baron, Jr. and Newtown Police Officer Stephen Ketchum.  I’ll ride though, with pride, representing these heroes.

Of course, I’m also thinking of Russ, who was killed 30 years ago.  I know he’ll be with me.  Lastly, I’ll be thinking of CT State Police Sergeant Brian Mohl; CT’s most recent Line of Duty death.

This year will be a somber, humbling ride. 

Club East Colfax $58,890.63
Andrew Walker $4,082.00
Scott Odonnell $1,525.00
Gregg Swanson $8,496.00
Lee Couture $4,112.00
Troy Gelinas $3,599.63
Carol Bagshaw $8,931.00
Shawn Cervera $2,131.00
Laura Taglianetti $3,501.00
Tim Bentley $2,526.00
Joe Funaro $2,906.00
Matthew Fedor $1,706.00
Megan Sylvestre $1,537.00
Robin Golden $3,160.00
Stephen Bellos $1,766.00
Danna Horgan $1,306.00
Pasquale Folino $1,951.00
Rick Blinderman $0.00
Erik Swanson $5,655.00

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