2021 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

9/11 20th Anniversary Ride - Boston to New York City Learn More

Hi Friends and Family, 

For the 5th straight year my team and I are participating in the Tour de Force Bike Ride. We are riding from Boston to New York to honor Fallen Officers and support their families.

This year is the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 which makes it even more special to keep the memory of the day eternal. 

You can donate now by hitting “Give Now” above. This is a tax deductible donation and any amount is appreciated. There is NO minimum or maximum and you can remain anonymous. Major credit cards are accepted and it only takes about 30 seconds to complete. 

Thank you, stay safe and stay healthy..

George Fountoulakis

Nick A
Praise you Fou Don't be afraid
House Tsouknidas
Ghostman represent
Never forget!
Glenn Gibson
Volta ston Giorgo!
Manny, Angela & Anastasia
Thank you for your service, you are such an inspiration to us all. YOU GOT THIS! Good luck koumbare. See you Tuesday!!
Good luck bro. Keep it Nasty
Jack G
Have a safe ride broski!
Kick ass again!! Be safe!! Enjoy the ride!
Peter Tomopoulos $25.00
Christine Casilla
God bless you Sarge!
Austin Morange $100.00
Diakiwski Family
You are an inspiration. Keep going. Thank you.
Good luck and safe travels :) #NeverForget
christy Foy $50.00
Dan Gallagher $50.00
Urania Castaneda
Keep fighting the good fight!! Miss you brother!
Glad your still taking part in this Brother.. Enjoy!!
Chris T.
Way to go George and Team!!
Love you! Rock out, you got this!
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Christina Petrou
The O’Toole’s $100.00
Earl H
The real Manny D
For Nightman!
Manny D.
https://youtu.be/tRNN1vP1jrE Πάμε για Κρήτη!
Michael Devine
Go George! Making us proud!
Best of luck George
So proud of my Nono!
Keep on riding, friend!
Enjoy the ride.
Angela Merges
Very proud of you!
chris patronis
I am with you and your Team my friend. Go go go.
Sophia E Valiotis
So proud of you. We love you.
Leigh Bishop
Have a great trip and thank you for supporting such an important event!!!! Lots of love to your family, Leigh
The Leiddy Bug
Good luck and have a lot of fun .
Jimmy Andrianakis $50.00
Luke $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
John Soukas
Good work Georgey, I’ll be riding with you in spirit, never give up, never surrender ❤️
Dell Savage
Good Luck Boss!
Michalis Digenakis
Our family will NEVER FORGET!!!!! Ride Hard!!
Gus Kremmidas
Good luck!
Peter Kosteas $100.00
Rafael Nieves
Great Job
Eva Cory $25.00
Luis marines
Good luck in your ride and stay safe
Markella Manousakis
Love you!
Sofia Digenakis
So proud of you cousin! :)
Have a great ride!! You rock !!!
Patrick Montagano $50.00
MaryAnn Piazza
We are with you, each mile of the way!
Kathy and Gus
Good luck cousin!!!
Bendito for you George. God Bless you in the tour de Force Ride. “NEVER FORGET ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS”
ashley antonetty
I’m cheering for you George!!
Enjoy the ride
John Phelan $50.00
The Watsons
King in the North!!!!
Anonymous $200.00
Ivy Gherardi $20.00
Jessica Sterling
Finish strong
Jill Hollamby
Thank you!
Irene Angelakis
9/11 Never forget
Ev Newman
No one rock spadex quite like you. Keep it tight and affix the bike seat this time!!!
Anthia Digenakis
Ride strong! Always so proud of you!!
Angie katsamanis
Good Luck ! Ride strong !
Have a great ride George!
Christina Bylon
Have a safe ride.
Erik Gonzalez $150.00
Brendan Kenefick
Hi George have a great ride. Be careful not to pull a hamstring
Laura Dowling
Great job, George!!!! Never Forget
Anthony Lo Verme $50.00
EAST COASTERS $26,154.01
George Fountoulakis $10,365.00
Harry Myers $1,750.01
Jeffrey Clark $1,161.00
Barbara Harper $500.00
Josh Sanders $5,000.00
Terry DeHamer $1,800.00
Oscar Santos $1,883.00
Nathan Fowler $975.00
Tommy Haluscak $2,720.00

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