2021 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

20th Anniversary - Boston to New York City - riding for those that are left behind Learn More
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Hi Friends and Family, I am partnering with Tour de Force Bike Ride - Cycling for those that made the ultimate sacrifice! and raising money for 2021 Tor deForce Memorial Ride. I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me!

Le Champion ! $50.00
Wendy Gale
So proud of you....you’re on an amazing ride
HELENE - proud of you & enjoy the tour
Helene - proud of you & enjoy the tour
I am in total awe of all you do! Have a safe ride ❤️
Love ya sis!
Diane Alliston
So excited for you!!
Katie S $10.00
Beverly Lehrer-Brennan $50.00
Hope you reach your goal!!!
Sydelle Foreman
Have a great ride and awesome adventure!
Marc & Connie Foreman
We wanted to support your efforts for a worthy cause.
Kelly Del Valle
Go Helene!! Love you!
Thank you for letting me know about this amazing event! Good luck!
So proud to help support you and this cause!
Lisa and Jeff
You know you always have our support ! ❤️
Theresa Murphey
You go girl!!!
Stacy S.
You go girl! I want to go as your personal valet someday!
John Halperin $100.00
Bridget Sampson
Ride like the wind, my friend! Love you and so proud of you!!!
Nadeen Toomey
So proud of you! ❤️
Vanessa $100.00
Linda Hammer and family
Thank you Helene for doing this wonderful ride. We will never forget. Hope it is a beautiful ride for an amazing cause. Linda
Anita Nieves $100.00
Lori Spencer
Good luck mama!!!
Adirondack Garda $26,961.43
Robert Cronin $5,640.00
JIm Heaney $1,200.00
Bruce Martin $780.00
James Grover $500.00
Brent Grover $500.00
Michael Koubek $1,600.00
Kern Swoboda $585.00
Christopher LaPlante $610.00
James Murphy $500.00
Robert Frechette $0.00
wiiliam regniault $0.00
Brian Landsman $735.00
Stephen Bernacki $500.00
Samuel Royer $525.00
Adam Rivers $0.00
John Barry $500.00
Larry Hammond $500.00
Scott Rivers $500.00
Derek Juneau $0.00
richard kozak $600.00
Derek Markle $1,605.00
Don Ryan $0.00
Mark Willetts $500.00
David Redman $500.00
Christine Lyden $500.00
Linda Giammona $2,485.00
Maureen Garvey $700.00
Greg Haberstro $500.00
Bob Riccardella $1,350.00
Sharon Prager $150.00
Cheryl Weiss $500.00
Dustin Palmer $470.00

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