2021 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

20th Anniversary - Boston to New York City - riding for those that are left behind Learn More
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Hi Friends and Family and my SCPD Family, I am partnering with Tour de Force Bike Ride - Cycling for those that made the ultimate sacrifice! and raising money for 2021 Tor deForce Memorial Ride. I sincerely appreciate any and all support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

Last year, despite COVID-19 and the Pandemic, the original plans to ride from Boston to NYC were scrubbed, and participants, like myself, formed smaller groups and rode various locations and distances. As you may recall, you generous donations to my effort amounted to approximately 189% over my original goal! In total, 266 TDF participants raised more than $362,000 in donations. 
please help me get to 200% over my goal this year- your generosity is being counted on.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much. For those of you who may not want to use a credit card, I can accept cash and/or checks (made out to the Tour de Force) which you can get to me by arranging a meetup! 

Thank you for joining me!

Van Wagner Family $75.00
Ian Kessler $10.00
Brendan Grogan
Good Luck Jim. And thank you for always remembering!!
Janine Canavan $25.00
The Maresca's
Beyond proud of you Jimmy! Love you! xoxo
Bill Friedel $200.00
Bill & Sherry Ness
Stay well!
GAIL Marrero
Well done!
Chris Steimel
Happy to donate to a great cause. Keep it up!!
Thank you Jim
Patti and Tom Pizza
Congratulations Jimmy! You are awesome!❤️
Christina Carini $100.00
Carol Carini SCPD $25.00
Dawn Fishman $25.00
John Gonzalez $20.00
Bob and Lisa Rice $100.00
Robert and Placida Randall
We’re with you next year!
Matthew DeMarco $26.00
Kevin S Volkommer $20.00
James Boyd
#Never Forget
Daniel Murphy $25.00
Joe D Hoffmann $50.00
Anonymous $20.00
Tony and Jeanne Nunziato
Jimmy D “Show” there is no one better! T Nunz
Steve $50.00
Hannah Gouldin
Nicole DeMonte
Such a good cause!!!!!
Jeannie fruent(Danny Demonte mother-in-law)
Good cause
Jeanette DeMonte
So proud to support you and your hard work!
Danny demonte
Great job jimmy for a good cause
Conversano Family $50.00
Nancy J Reiland
Great cause. Good luck!
Leslie Liebman
Great cause.
The Muller Family $50.00
Alicia Connelly Foster
9/11 20 Year Anniversary #NeverForget
Alicia Connelly-Foster
9/11 #NeverForget
John Diffley $50.00
Mike Langella
Good luck Jimmy!
Mark Puccio
Hello Jim What you all are doing is great and thank you for all you do. Keep up the great work !
Greg Cook
Good luck Jimmy. Be safe brother!
Rob Suppa
Good luck
Trish Shea
Good luck Jimmy!
Rick Schultz
Have a great and good luck ride !
Luc $100.00
Bill Marr $25.00
Michael Rau & Tire Inc. $20.00
Philip Alvarez
Have a great ride!
Mike Shevchuk $50.00
Mario B $50.00
Robert R
Great event Jimmy! Good luck Robert R
Joseph Capolino
Jimmy thank you for your efforts.
BB $50.00
Roey&Peter Petino
Good luck for a great cause
Joanna and Dominic
Goooooooooo Jim! We are routing for you from Long Island ! Thank you for riding for this great cause !
James Power
Good luck,
Mike Degennaro
The Hardy Family $50.00
D. Gagliano
Good luck
Good luck!
Popdan loves you
Robert Rosenthal
Keep up the good work Jim!
Frank Santoro $50.00
John DeMarco $50.00
Les Kimmel
We will be thinking of you during your ride❤️
Tobias Monaco $50.00
Sebastiano $30.00
Candyce Volkommer
What a wonderful thing you do every year ♥️
Mary Beth Chiocco $25.00
Bruce Peterson $36.00
Lindsay and Travis Kalberer
Good luck and we’re rooting for ya!!
Joanna SBRA
The Barsi Family
Good Luck!
Laura McDonald $25.00
Barbara Nichols
Paul and Barbara Nichols are honored to give towards a great cause. Thank you for riding!
Joe and Karen clabby
Great cause. Thank you.
T. Henry $50.00
Claire Cordaro
This is a great thing you are doing Jim. Good luck
Holly Family
Thanks for doing this
God Bless
McGuire Family
Great job Jimmy! Good luck on the ride!
Allison and Bill Stansfield
So glad to support you in this. Have a great ride!
Thank you!
Peter Reiland
Good luck!
Summit Family
What an amazing thing to do. Stay safe
Hillary Kimmel
Have a great ride Jim. Maybe we can meet you and Ilene in Boston.
Chris T $50.00
Brian DePalo
Good luck everyone.
Joe & Tiffany Burro $100.00
Stephanie Handelson
Have a great ride!
G O'Brien
Good Luck JD !
Frank Murray
In honor of all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe.
John and Airlie Di Fazio @remedyresults $50.00
Ride on, Jim!
patrick nett $52.50
Mike K $25.00
Dr. Brandon Henkowicz $20.00
Mike Adams
Thanks for giving back.
Brenda and Jeff Meyer $50.00
Mitchell newmark
Best of luck on your ride
Thanks for ALL that you do and sacrifice to make us all safer !!
Kathleen cohen
Good luck Jimmy! God Bless You!
Eileen Powell $25.00
Connor Reid
Good luck!
Jerry Gigante
Good luck Jim!
John Sumwalt $100.00
Howard and Marie Maresca
Good luck
John best
Enjoy the ride!
John Capute
Safe Riding Jim. Well Done
Elaine Anzalone $25.00
Joe Suarez
Crush it Jimmy!!!!
Kelly Freiss
Good luck!
Mike, Kristin, and Mikey Brocato
Thanks for doing this Jim! Never Forget!
Go getem buddy
Michael Flanagan
Good Luck!
Jake Manelis $50.00
I Raised over $800 in 2020 (Credit) $250.00
Ellen and Mike Brocato
Thank you for always remembering our 9/11 Heros
Hannah Gouldin $100.00
Jessica & Alex Manelis
Good Luck Jimmy!!!
Donna Kimmel
It’s great you are doing this again, Jimmy!
Samantha A Stansfield
We are SO proud of you! Love, Sam, Ryan, and Landon
Pete E $75.00
ron g $20.00
Allison and Bill Stansfield $25.00
Eileen Powell $25.00
Jeanette and Phil $40.00
The Garrambone’s
Jim, Love to support you and a great cause! Joanna and Dominic
Matt, Jess, and Georgie :)
We are so proud of you! Can’t wait to cheer you on that day!
Bonnie and Michael
Wonderful cause and awesome accomplishment! We’re so proud of you!
Cousin Elaine
Really proud of you, dear cousin. My prayers and love go with you!
Frank Santoro
Great job Jim.
Les and Marsha Kimmel
Good riding!
Jeff S Korek/Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. $500.00
Pat DeMarco
So wonderful of you to participate. Enjoy the ride.
Rich $50.00
Tim $50.00
Marc Dazenski
Minos Gonzalez
Keep doing what you do, and thank you
Peter D Reiland Jr
Caleb Kamphuis $25.00
Good luck!!!!
Thank you all for what you do! Will ALWAYS have your back!
Stanley Crocker
Never forget!
Mike Fales
All the best Jim.
Alyssa, Marc, Zoe, and Jordan $50.00
Andrew Balistreri
MSRT Candy Volkommer
I wholeheartedly support POD!! ♥️
Holly Family
Great luck for a Great Cause
John DeNobrega $30.00
Growler Bikes $100.00
Hans Spielmann $30.00
Ryan & Devyn Morin
Ride Hard Jimmy!
Katie Schwartz $20.00
The Lorussos $25.00
Hillary Kimmel
Good Luck with the ride, Jim. Perhaps we can meet up when you are in Boston.
Patti and Tom Pizza
Good luck! You are truly inspiring!
May the wind be at your back and Ride Safely!
Pasquale Burdo $50.00
Tom Pryor
Good Luck
Matt Brocato
Good luck Jimmy!
Philip Popielaski
Good luck Jimmy!
Keith Rothe $20.00
Adirondack Garda $130,036.96
Robert Cronin $20,000.00
JIm Heaney $2,528.24
Bruce Martin $7,600.00
James Grover $2,000.00
Brent Grover $1,840.00
Michael Koubek $6,645.01
Kern Swoboda $3,000.00
Christopher LaPlante $1,421.00
James Murphy $2,105.00
Robert Frechette $1,735.00
Todd Garrity $2,000.00
Brian Landsman $1,400.43
Stephen Bernacki $1,501.00
Samuel Royer $14,400.00
John Barry $1,500.00
Larry Hammond $850.00
Scott Rivers $1,400.00
Elizabeth D'Erasmo $3,350.00
richard kozak $1,400.00
Derek Markle $5,203.00
Don Ryan $0.00
Mark Willetts $500.00
David Redman $1,400.00
Christine Lyden $1,400.00
Linda Giammona $4,249.00
Maureen Garvey $1,075.00
Greg Haberstro $750.00
James DeMarco $10,129.61
Bob Riccardella $8,225.00
Sharon Prager $1,400.00
Cheryl Weiss $3,050.00
Dustin Palmer $1,500.00
Craig Capri $1,500.00
richard Massfeller $1,400.00
Mike Jarvis $1,500.00
william houlihan $2,320.00
Rob Cate $10.00
Tasso Kiriakes $3,525.00
Mitchell Lyden $500.00
Scott Frantz $0.00

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