2021 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

20th Anniversary - Boston to New York City - riding for those that are left behind Learn More
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I am joining over 300 riders - - cycling from Boston to NYC (September 11, 2021 - September 14, 2021) to raise money and awareness for line of duty first responder families, The Tour de Force Memorial Ride.

It is difficult to believe it has been 20 years since our country witnessed ordinary people - like my brother - FDNY Captain VINCENT F. GIAMMONA- doing extraordinary things. I am hopeful with your support, this ride will remind people of the unity and strength we felt as a nation in the days, weeks and months following September 11, 2001. WE saw the very best part of OURSELVES in Vinny and the first responders and we stood together and supported each other, we were extraordinary. 

Today, I am asking YOU to be extraordinary (again).

My goal is to raise awareness for every life taken on September 11, 2001 (2,977excluding 19 terrorists) as well as for every life lost due to 9/11 related illnesses of the FDNY (250+),NYPD (241+) and PAPD's (12+). Their valiant and selfless rescue and recovery efforts are a testament to their integrity and unyielding service to our community.

Every person who donates, will be "riding" with me and Vinny on September 11, 2021 because the name of the person you choose to honor will be on my uniform. Be sure to indicate name of honoree on donation form.

Thank YOU in advance for riding with me and Vinny G. on September 11, 2021.

Please hit the "GIVE NOW" button (upper right) -any major credit card works and it only takes 30 seconds. If you prefer to support by check, no worries, just contact me. 

Victoria Peaslee
Linda, I hope your ride was a wonderful experience. You're awesome! In memory of your brother, Capt. Vincent Giammona. We will never forget.
Davan B.
In honor of your brother, Vincent Giammona. I met you around 10 yrs ago… I was running the Tunnel to Towers run in my full US Marshals kit to honor the heroes who gave their life that day… and you stopped me, thanked me and gave me your brother’s silver memorial bracelet. It was such an honor and a moment I have never forgotten. I hope you are well! Good luck on your ride!
Eva, Peter & Alexis
In honor of the amazing Captain Vincent F. Giammona - whom we will never forget. Enjoy the ride, Linda - we love you!!! XOXO
Budd Mehr
Have a safe ride! You're all in my thoughts! ✌& ❤
Gerard Roche
Every time I see a picture of Vinny, it reminds me of how much I miss him. He was one of my favorite guys on the Fire Department. I don’t ever remember meeting up with him and not laughing at least three or four times during our conversation. It’s kind of weird because I can’t fully except that he is gone, but to this day I still feel like I’m going to bump into him when I’m on Bell Boulevar
Cary Walsh
Great cause! Good luck!
Kevin Loughran $118.00
Have a Fun, Safe Ride
Jack & Franny Kleehaas FDNY RET.
Ride Safe Linda....Vinny is Not Forgotten.
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
So amazed by you! 20 years of passion, commitment and grit all of an important cause. Be safe in you journey!❤️
We are so proud of you cuz!
Kathy Lavacca $25.00
Debra Hoffman
May his memory be a blessing. You are amazing! XO
We’re so proud of you Linda!
your brother from another mother
for always doing the right thing - for always honoring those who serve others - for always showing up with a smile .....thank you Linda
Ridgewood Savings Bank
Never 4get 343 FDNY
John & Alison Hessler
Bellmore, NY
Mary Ann & John
Good luck! Please remember the Brannigan, Giammona and Julian family members that we have lost as you travel!
Ava and Steven Lichtenstein
So proud of my incredible friend Linda!!! You ride girl!!!
Chris, Therese, Katie and Kevin OConnor $100.00
The Luca's!
We Love & Admire youuuu! An amazingly Strong, Dedicated, Beautiful, Sister, Wife, Daughter, Mom, and Friend.. You truly are Inspiring! Good Luck to you always Linda! Your brother is proud! XO
Have a great ride!
Vincent Giammona
Linda, good luck on your ride we love you. Aunt Lucy & Uncle Vinnie ❤️❤️❤️
Lina DiCarlo &Family
Go Linda! Good Luck!
Good luck, I hope all is well.
Mike McVey
"Honor one...help many"
The Carbones
Love you guys
Nick castellano
Good luck Linda!
John McGee
Go Linda God Bless !
Vincent Giammona $300.00
Linda-you are my hero! Thank you for all the good you do for others and for keeping Vinny’s Legacy going! Three cheers to sixty years! xoxo
The Pollenz Family
We will NEVER FORGET-20 years and still so painful
Jeff Silverman
Crush it again this year Lin
Every mile we are cheering you and Vinny on! And we will be raising a glass for Vinny's 60th bday on September 11, 2021! Go Get em!
so proud of you - ride on Linda!
Adirondack Garda $130,036.96
Robert Cronin $20,000.00
JIm Heaney $2,528.24
Bruce Martin $7,600.00
James Grover $2,000.00
Brent Grover $1,840.00
Michael Koubek $6,645.01
Kern Swoboda $3,000.00
Christopher LaPlante $1,421.00
James Murphy $2,105.00
Robert Frechette $1,735.00
Todd Garrity $2,000.00
Brian Landsman $1,400.43
Stephen Bernacki $1,501.00
Samuel Royer $14,400.00
John Barry $1,500.00
Larry Hammond $850.00
Scott Rivers $1,400.00
Elizabeth D'Erasmo $3,350.00
richard kozak $1,400.00
Derek Markle $5,203.00
Don Ryan $0.00
Mark Willetts $500.00
David Redman $1,400.00
Christine Lyden $1,400.00
Linda Giammona $4,249.00
Maureen Garvey $1,075.00
Greg Haberstro $750.00
James DeMarco $10,129.61
Bob Riccardella $8,225.00
Sharon Prager $1,400.00
Cheryl Weiss $3,050.00
Dustin Palmer $1,500.00
Craig Capri $1,500.00
richard Massfeller $1,400.00
Mike Jarvis $1,500.00
william houlihan $2,320.00
Rob Cate $10.00
Tasso Kiriakes $3,525.00
Mitchell Lyden $500.00
Scott Frantz $0.00

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