2023 Tour de Force 9/11 Memorial Bike Ride

Tour de Force is a 4 day bicycle ride to honor the victims on 9/11 and to support the families of police officers that made the ultimate sacrifice.

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Hey everybody!

I'm participating in the TDF fundraiser again this year! The event is four days in a row of bicycle riding in New York. The ride is to honor those lost on 9/11 and to show support for Law Enforcement. The money raised is given directly to families who have suffered the loss of their loved one who was killed in the line of duty.

This is a special opportunity for you to show your support and give something tangible to the families who were willing to put their loved one in harms way to protect others.

I experienced a tremendous amount of support while I was overcoming colorectal cancer recently. I am excited to be alive and to be able to participate in this fundraiser to give something back to people who deserve it.

I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds.

Thank you for helping me help others.

Good luck Alex!
Gary $25.00
Doug Daufeldt
Make us proud!
go get'um tiger.
Jason capper
Good luck buddy
Julia Benkofsky-Webb
We are so happy that you can do this ride again this year. The pictures on your page are fabulous. MUCH LOVE
Have Fun!
Tyler L Searle
Go Alex!
Glen & Bonnie Simpson
Have a great ride.
Tami Searle $200.00
Dave Jones $100.00
Go Aleks!
Cheers to a good ride for a great cause!
Hey Aleksandr- Love that picture of you!
Natasha $50.00
Jeff Diers $100.00
Dan Wittenborn
For a good cause and a good man!
Don and Robin
Have a great ride!
Virginia P Quayle
You Go Aleks!!! Love you man! Ginni & LeeRoy
Zoe Graham Balsamo
Love you cuz! Have fun!
Will Boddie & Amanda Kloer $50.00
Stephen Graham
Happy to support your ride adventure again this year. Ride safely.
Norm & Marge Jones
Good Luck
Lee and Katen
Ride on, Aleks!!!
Cheryl L Graham
I'm so proud of you!!
Team Colorado $32,765.55
Kasey Brown $2,470.00
Terry Brown $1,500.00
Dave Krieger $2,125.00
Megan Pray $1,500.00
Jason Pray $1,499.55
James Johnson $1,500.00
Rex McKinney $1,500.00
Aleksandr Graham $2,460.00
Mike Holm $3,245.00
Pete Jaros $3,575.00
Dale Leonard $3,050.00
Will Walz $1,550.00
John Gonzales $3,375.00
Erik Swanson $3,416.00

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