2023 Tour de Force 9/11 Memorial Bike Ride

Tour de Force is a 4 day bicycle ride to honor the victims on 9/11 and to support the families of police officers that made the ultimate sacrifice.

This page was created in support of 2023 Tour de Force 9/11 Memorial Bike Ride - Click here to join this cause


This year I not only want to challenge myself, I want to give back. I will be participating in a 4 day, 280 mile bike ride that ends at the 911 memorial. My goal is to raise $500 by April 3rd and $1000 by August 31st. 

For this I am partnering with Tour de Force Bike Ride - Cycling in remembrance of  those that made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11, 2001. 

You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. 

Please join me in doing something a little more in 2023. 

Humbled and grateful. 


Stephan $25.00
Kim Thibeau
I saw the thighs and just opened my wallet, haha! Just teasing... you're a bad ass and a sweetheart. Good on you and I hope you meet your goals!
Club East Colfax $8,287.00
Gregg Swanson $0.00
Kris Rider $0.00
Troy Gelinas $0.00
Ashton Momot $0.00
Joe Funaro $1,540.00
Megan Sylvestre $1,000.00
Kim Thibeau $1,675.00
Cassidy Whipple $810.00
Heidi Grant $792.00
Benjamin Evans $0.00
Amilia Walz $70.00
Stephen Bellos $1,000.00
Tim Bentley $1,400.00
Ashton Momot $0.00

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