2023 Tour de Force 9/11 Memorial Bike Ride

Tour de Force is a 4 day bicycle ride to honor the victims on 9/11 and to support the families of police officers that made the ultimate sacrifice.

This page was created in support of 2023 Tour de Force 9/11 Memorial Bike Ride - Click here to join this cause


Hi Friends and Family, I am partnering with Tour de Force Bike Ride - Cycling for those that made the ultimate sacrifice! and raising money for 2023 Tour de Force 9/11 Memorial Bike Ride. I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

This is my 15th year with riding to support officers who have been killed in the line of duty. I am asking for donations up to $15 - one dollar for each year- to reach my goal. You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me!

John F. Manning $25.00
Kathy Zwart
Thanks Annie for all you to do to support this cause. Have a great ride!
Nancy LeBine
Ride on Ann!
Mary Bennett Petersen
Dear Ann, Congratulations op on the 15th year you are doing this ride, that benefits so many that did so much for us not only on 9/11 but also those who made the ultimate sacrifice when they put on the uniform every day to help keep all of us safe.for all thowho did so much for all of us ,, not only on 9/11 but everyday they put on the uniform to keep all of us safe. You are amazing Ann, thank
Regina and Bob
Hope you are having fun.good luck Here in Saratoga feeling
Linda Hanson Geyer
Good luck in accomplishing this ride for such a noble cause!
Catherine woods
Great cause. Keep on Riding! You r my inspiration!
John F. Manning $25.00
Debra Parker
Thanks for doing this!
Maria Henry
Enjoy the ride and keep up the good work.
Anonymous $100.00
Anchor Trading
7,500.00 original distributed Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Anonymous $1,000.00
Rockland Shields $64,138.59
Dennis Dodrill $7,400.54
Robert Vaccarino $3,700.00
Patricia Hedderson $4,800.00
Hector Mercado $1,619.00
Yohanny Pena $1,633.33
Joseph Agosto $2,945.00
Kenny Beyer $2,625.33
Adam Ensalata $1,505.00
Michael Garry $1,500.00
Shirley Pinkney $750.00
Edgar Velez $1,860.00
Ledys Perez $1,500.00
Elizabeth McGroder $2,373.00
Gregory De MicelI $2,037.00
Meital Smith $1,795.00
Duane Archevald $1,600.00
Tracy Marrero $1,650.00
Jim King $1,900.00
Lisa Delia-Frost $2,125.05
Hernan Lucero $1,500.00
Henry Sirakovsky $2,564.34
Wayne Mitchell $1,850.00
Damien M Shea $2,501.00
Kevin & Kathy McGovern $2,700.00
Clement Krug $2,000.00
Pete Hillebrand $3,525.00
Ann Petterson $2,180.00

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