2024 St. Andrew Legal Clinic 5K Race for Justice

Your support of St. Andrew Legal Clinic will allow the attorneys at SALC to provide many more hours of legal advocacy to the most at-risk families in our community. Learn More
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Dear Friends and Family,

As most of you know, each year I try and raise some money for St. Andrew Legal Clinic during the Race for Justice campaign. This year, my firm is once again a sponsor of the Race and I am now the Vice President of the SALC Board of Directors. I spent a decade of my career as a young lawyer at SALC and so I can speak with great passion about the good the clinic does in our community. Now that I am in private practice and regularly see the massive legal bills that are generated in market rate family law matters, I realize all the more just how vitally important that this little legal clinic in the endless struggle towards a more equitable distribution of access to justice. If you have the capacity, I would be greatly honored if you would make a donation in support of St. Andrew. Thank you for your consideration. 


Anonymous $30.00
Stephens Family $500.00
Ami Gadhia $100.00
Polixene Petrakopoulos
Cheering you from afar!! So proud to support you and St. Andrew ❤️
Shelly Matthys zI
I was going to pass this year, but this is a vote of confidence for Maxine.
Karolina Dowd $500.00
Cole Downey
Stac $50.00
Douglas Colligan
Baller all in :)
Happy to support, thanks for all you do!
Peter Berkey
Keep up all the great work you do ! Love you Dad & Wendy
Sarah Bond $400.00
Kevin McHargue $100.00
Barry Waits
Sandra & Richard Quigley
Hi Brittany! We're always happy to support St Andrew. Thank you for your ongoing effort in keeping this great service available for those in need.
Team DBMA FLG $2,755.00
Brittany Berkey $2,755.00

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