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Hi Friends and Family, I am partnering with Celebrate Life Cancer Survivor Network and raising money for 2024 CLCSN Walk for Cancer. I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me!

Bob Irwin $500.00
Ed Wiseman $25.00
Steve Lewis $45.00
BMD Golf Associates $250.00
Jonathan Rivers $250.00
Tom Doherty $50.00
Steve & Victoria Prendergast $1,000.00
Gail Waitt $20.00
Ian & Jen MacDonald $100.00
John & Diana Meyer $100.00
Jackie Rivers $50.00
Steve & Carolyn Macie $65.00
Greg $100.00
Steve & Pat Bracci $100.00
Jay O'Brien $100.00
Tim Walsh $50.00
Dave Gaughan $100.00
Mark Furr $50.00
Jerry & Mary Chaisson $100.00
Bill & Michelle Curley $100.00
Good Luck on your walk for a good cause!
Anne McWalter
Have a great walk.
Reid Garvin $100.00
Diane Wilkinson
Sorry Denny & I can't be there this year but we always support you. Thank you for what you do for Celebrate Life.
For all that you do for us Roundabout - here is a little something back. For a great cause - Hoping for good weather for your walk!!
Heather Hickey
Such a wonderful organization. So happy to donate for this amazing cause.
Donna Keenan $50.00
Walter Hopping & Sheila Stillings $100.00
Carol Gartland $100.00
Roger & Sandra Ames $100.00
Bonnie Hickey $50.00
David Cornacchioli $25.00
Steve Hoffman $50.00
Jeff Balogh $20.00
Jim & Mary Pearson $175.00
David Meserve $1,000.00
Scott Bobbitt $100.00
Tyler Mullin
Mary Ellen Brown $50.00
Lois Chadbourne
Bill & Mary Beth Hamel $50.00
Lee $155.00
Billy Franks $75.00
Mike Leclaire $20.00
John & Trish Picard $100.00
Diane Shea $100.00
Kurt grabner $200.00
Cheryl Zimmermann $50.00
Michael Kelley
Thanks Fuzzy.
Tim Corcoran
In honor of my wife Pam!
Jennifer Lain
I hope this helps another family in need!
Ed & Karen Wunderlich $50.00
Ken Sturm $25.00
Arnie Juanillo
Elizabeth, Kelly and Wayne Chadbourne
sorry to miss it again this year. hope the weather is beautiful.
The McDonoughs
Looking forward to walking again for this great cause!
Karen MacDonald
Hi Fuzzy Hope life is treating you well. Maybe I will show up to walk one of these years. Wonderful work you are doing.
Laura, Dan & Ray
Great cause. We are happy to help.
Susan Flood $100.00
Matt Creamer
Best of luck Fuzzy and the rest of the walkers. What a great cause!!
Sarah Springer
Ed & Trish Tedesco $100.00
Jim & Theresa McPherson $100.00
Dick & Ann Prunier $100.00
Jeff Ball
Love to the Martin and Chadbourne family!
Glenn Kemper $50.00
Tony Delisio $100.00
Pat Safallo $25.00
John & Sue Nelson $100.00
Nols Coetzee $25.00
Eastern Propane Swing for Charities
Eastern Propane and Swing Fore Charities is proud to donate to such a great cause!
Carol Martin
May the Lord richly bless you for your loving work for those who are suffering!
Paul Kinney
Ethan Springer $50.00
John Pappas
Have fun, glad you're still doing this!!
Cheryl Meninno
Great cause! Thanks for walking Fuzzy!
Eastern Propane, Inc.
Good luck with your fundraiser and walk from your friends at Eastern Propane and Oil
Al Morassi
Good luck bud!
Sandra I Carlo
In Loving Memory of Peter Carlo... Love you forever

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