2024 CLCSN Walk for Cancer

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Hi everyone,  Denise here! Melissa’s brother, Fuzzy, started an annual walk in memory of their father who lost his fight to cancer 10 years ago. The walk is through the Cancer Life Cancer Survivor Network. All proceeds from the walk provide systems of support to families affected by cancer. Fuzzy went to UVM and every year has a poster for all alumni who donate to this worthy cause. Thanks for your generosity!



Ann & Skip Matthews
Thank you !!
Thanks for all your support!!! See you at the walk!❤️
Janelle Allyn Perry-Askew
Yeah Curtt and Lisa as well as the whole gang!
Anza Krieg $25.00
Bill and Nadine
Have a great walk.
Seth & Brandy $100.00
Rich & Sue Burman
What a wonderful thing you are doing! xo
Mary Babineau
Leslie , Steve, and Grennon
thank you for doing this . xoxo
Kristen and Jeff Smith $25.00
Fuzzy Martin
Thanks for all your help Denise . . . I appreciate you reaching out to your UVM posse! See you at the walk!
Susan J Thompson
Walk on Denise, Lisa and Curtt!
Sarah Springer
Pixita del Prado Hill $50.00
Luke $50.00
Brad Okita $250.00
Joe Nugent
Shap and Melissa
Thanks for doing this.
Sandi and Brad

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