TSWGO Summer Challenge: 23 Miles for Esther

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This Star Won't Go Out is more than just the name of an organization, it is an idea, it is a promise. The charity, commonly referred to as TSWGO, was founded in memory of Esther Earl, a bright, vivacious teen who died in 2010 from thyroid cancer. TSWGO aims to keep Esther's "Star" alive by giving grants to families with a child going through cancer treatment.

Though Esther is no longer with us, her passion and spirit have continued to prove that a short life isn't necessarily a bad one, and her story has ignited love and hope throughout the world long after her death.

To honor Esther we have pledged to run, walk, or bike at least 23 miles between July 1st and August 3rd, to commemorate what would have been Esther's 23rd birthday.

On Team Awesome, we are not pro-athletes, we are not super heroes, we are completely normal people. But we have committed to challenging ourselves throughout this month to honor the spirt of Esther Earl and keep her star alive through the This Star Won't Go Out foundation.

Please consider giving to one of our Team Awesome members in order to raise funds for TSWGO. All donations will go directly to the organization and will help families with a child receiving treatment for cancer.

Together we pledge to honor Esther Earl by making sure that This Star Won't Go Out.

Click here to learn more about Esther and her story.

Thanks for being awesome, Ketie! Love the horse walking exercise! <3

July 17, 2017 6:25 AM

Hello everyone! So we are halfway though the month for this update.
As I've long reached my goal biking I've challenged myself to do another 23 miles - not by bike. This is what I can add to this list:
  • July 9: 5.1 km of riding
  • July 12: 3.8 km - going for a walk with a horse
  • July 16: 4.8 km of riding
Regarding biking I'm currently at 331.9 km in total:
  • July 9: 45.3 km
  • July 10: 20 km
  • July 11: 26.6 km
  • July 12: 41.3 km
  • July 13: 27.3 km
  • July 14: 18.5 km
  • July 16: 36.8 km

July 8, 2017 8:57 AM

I have done some more biking:

  • July 6th: 27.5 km
  • July 7th: 16.2 km

<blockquote data-conversation="none" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Yesterday I did 27.5 km of cycling.

July 7, 2017 5:34 AM

Hey there!

It's my first TSWGO challenge and as a long time Nerdfighter I'm very exited to go for it. Especially as 100 days motivated me to go for a more active lifestyle again and this additionally happens to be the last of my personal 100 days.

So here we go for what distances I've done so far:

  • July 1st: 22 km of biking
  • July 2nd: 19.3 km of biking
  • July 4th: 30 km of biking
  • July 5th: 4km walk with a horse

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