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5K to Fight Histio 2020 - Amanda Caruso

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In 2012 we watched my dad, Pat, suffer the horrifying effects Histiocytosis has on a person, and from that day on we decided we would spend our time fighting in hopes that no one else would have to go through what he went through. Pat's Posse has been raising money since 2012 and we can't stop now! Your donation goes to fund ground-breaking and life-saving research that we've been able to see in action. Please consider a donation, no matter how big or small to help us continue our fight and remember our dad. Thank you

Frank Caruso Memorial Golf 2019 $1,000.00
Mary $100.00
Molly $50.00
Malia Caruso $5.00
Brittany Parotti $10.00
Ang $50.00
The Bedsteds
Pat’s Posse for life!
Anonymous $23.81
Acacia Galle $10.00
Nicholl Taylor & family $100.00
Team Pat's Posse $3,923.81
Amanda R Caruso $1,423.81

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