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Jonathan Brooklyn Autism Center 2021 Virtual Fundraiser

Support The Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC) and help provide high quality education to individuals with ASD! Learn More
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Dear Friends and Family,

We are so proud to share that we are participating in the Brooklyn Autism Center’s Virtual Run/Walk Fundraiser to support our son Jonathan amazing school! The virtual run/walk can be completed anytime throughout last week in April (Saturday April 26th – Sunday May 2nd) and can be done anywhere convenient to you.

The Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC) is a 1:1 ABA program offering the highest quality education for individuals with Autism between the ages of 5 and 21. BAC provides highly individualized programming and works to help each student reach their fullest potential. For Jonathan BAC has helped to improve his communication, socialization, behavior which has made a huge difference for him and our entire family. BAC also provides family support, legal advocacy, teacher training, extra-curricular activities, and works hard to spread awareness and acceptance throughout the community and beyond.

Please join me in supporting the important work that the Brooklyn Autism Center is doing! Click the link below to make a donation or register to participate and run alongside our students, families and teachers (virtually) to support this incredible organization! The wider we spread the circle, the bigger the impact this event will have for our school. While each act of support may seem small - the ripple effect of a small thing can be extraordinary. It is because of supporters like you that BAC can continue to meet the needs of our children. Thank you for your care and support!

Colleen O'Rourke $75.00
Brigid Donnelly $50.00
The Iudici Family $50.00
Nana $500.00
The Gallagher’s
Go Jonathan!
Gallagher Family $50.00
Ruth Bornstein
This is a joy to help out all the children
Tommy Garcia $100.00
Breanne McNally
Go Jonathan ❤️
Tricia & Ed Murray & Family $100.00
Margaret and Jimmy Buckley $100.00
Hardy $50.00
Brian H. $100.00
Maribel $40.00
Margaret Onorato
God Bless You.
Helen Kelliher $25.00
Ellen Mary Cunninghsm
For Jonathan
God bless you all
Eileen Cunningham
God Bless JONATHAN and his entire family!
Anonymous $25.00
Dennis & Diane Marino $25.00
Jimmy Donohue $100.00
The Strehle”s
Best of luck!! You are AMAZING
Summit HVAC Mechanical $500.00
Father Jim
God Bless my beautiful Johnny & his amazing parents and big brother. I love them!
Josephine Witten $20.00
Kliesch Family $20.00
Lauren Karabuber $20.00
Raymond & Joanna Riley $250.00
Bridget Riley $50.00
Michael Endall
With Love & Support, The Endalls
Anonymous $100.00
Ali Loughran $20.00
The Loughran Family $250.00
Timmy Rivera $50.00
Dina Willoughby $50.00
Alexander & Margie
Hope you all raise your goal!!
Pat & Brigid Cunningham
God Bless
John and elaine
You and Eddie are such wonderful parents Your love and dedication for Nathaniel and Johnathan are so evident to all! The two of you are an example for us all!!! God bless your family. We love you
Anthony Dario $100.00
The Becker Family
So happy to see the boys doing so well! Lots of Love
Derek $100.00
The Ford family $100.00
Dawn Gallagher
Todd Gabettie $150.00
Mary Donohue
Wonderful school & cause!
Brian Mattison $100.00
Timmy Mattison $100.00
Bryan R $50.00
Heather mccormick $100.00
danny dimaggio $200.00
Steven Morello $50.00
Matt Carlton $200.00
Chris Slocum $50.00
JDP Mechanical $1,000.00
Lauren Z
Love you guys!
Bertha Gennaro $100.00
KathyAnn Murray
Maureen Mattison
Team Jonathan!
Ray and Pat $150.00
William Gallagher
Jennifer Love Dad & Peggie
Gisella Ortega
Go Team Nathaniel!!!
William Gallagher $100.00
Elaine GUnn $100.00
Jonathan $7,335.75
Jennifer Gallagher $7,335.75

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