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Brooklyn Autism Center 2021 Virtual Fundraiser

Support The Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC) and help provide high quality education to individuals with ASD! Learn More
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Dear Friends and Family, 

We are so proud to share that we are participating in the Brooklyn Autism Center’s Virtual Run/Walk Fundraiser to support our son James's amazing school! The virtual run/walk can be completed anytime throughout last week in April (Saturday April 26th – Sunday May 2nd) and can be done anywhere convenient to you. This year, we have decided to walk in honor of James's GG who was very special to all of us. The funds raised from this event will go directly to the school to support children and families like mine that live with the challenges of Autism every day. James has learned so much during his time spent at BAC. And most importantly, he is so happy there! They give us constant support, direction and insight on how we can help James reach his full potential.

The Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC) is a 1:1 ABA program offering the highest quality education for individuals with Autism between the ages of 5 and 21.  For James,  BAC has helped to improve his communication, socialization, and behavior which has made a huge difference for him and our entire family. 

Please join me in supporting the important work that the Brooklyn Autism Center is doing! Click the link below to make a donation or register to participate and run alongside our students, families and teachers (virtually) to support this incredible organization!  It is because of supporters like you that BAC can continue to meet the needs of our children. Thank you for your care and support!

Register Here

Thank you for joining me!

Anne & Gus
Love you guys. Wish we could have been there a few times in the past month or two to support you. Love you so much, sis. Love, Anne XOXO
Roberts Family $150.00
The Rossman family $50.00
Janet and Chris Urciuoli $75.00
The Comer Family
Go James!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Danny and Robbie $25.00
Aunt Teresa and Uncle Carl
James, your Guardian Angel "GG" is watching over you. Love, Aunt Teresa and Uncle Carl
Uncle Rob, Aunt Terri Ann, Robbie and Matthew
We love you James!
Maribel Motondo
Keep shining James !!! ❤️
Elizabeth Duffy
So proud of James & all that he has accomplished
We are so proud of you!! $150.00
Jeannine Stathis
Way to go James! Keep up the amazing work❤️
Lyle Monteserrato $50.00
Meg, kev and Thomas Anderson $50.00
Lisa L Wallin-Geiss
We love you, James!
Jack & Peggy Kelly
Carmen, We haven’t seen you in a long time. Your kids are beautiful. We walk with your father everyday. Tough staying in shape. This is a great cause. Kudos to both you and Toni.
Kane Family $250.00
Lauren Houck
Go James! ❤️❤️ GG would be so proud xo
Corey Chaff
Grandma and grandpa Libassi
We are so proud of how James is communicating his needs through his device. He works so hard everyday with his teachers and we love him to the moon and back
Marilyn Sadallah $250.00
Mike and Torill
Go James!!!
Matt and Erica Buchsbaum $250.00
Maggie Allen $50.00
Keep going!
Rich, Nicole, Ava, Brody $100.00
Sue Moore
Go Team Libassi
Beth & Danny Sullivan
Go James!! Go Libassi Family ❤️
Chris Geiss $25.00
Tommy & Anne Hartnett
In honor of Lorice
The New Kane’s $50.00
D'Emic Family
Kristopher & Khloe Durante $25.00
Diane Lorenzo
Happy to help in a small way a cause dear to my heart. xo, Diane
The Costello Family $250.00
The Leary Family $20.00
Go James!
Skippy Doyle
Way to go James!!!!
Anthony Petrone $50.00
Donnie & Sharon Powell $50.00
Go James!
Connor Gustafson $50.00
Noah $100.00
The Cozza Family $50.00
Patrick and Danielle $50.00
Mary and Bill Radle
Hope you raise a bunch>
The Girls
We love you James!
Valentina Priolo
You inspire us ❤️
Kelley $50.00
James $4,095.00
Toni Libassi $4,095.00

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