Reece Perez

Equip Students serving those with Special Needs at Camp Beloved and Beyond; July 2022 Learn More

Dear people, 

This summer I am going to be volunteering at a place called camp Beloved and Beyond. Camp Beloved and Beyond is a camp where they serve special needs people and help them have a fun and godly experience. This is my second year volunteering here, and I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to return. I am on this team because I want to serve others and make them feel loved. I also believe that this camp is an opportune time to bring both the campers and myself closer to Christ. I hope to be able to serve Christ and other people on this church. I want to put others needs before my own and act as Jesus would. I am also looking forward to fellowship with others in my group. God has worked in my life by providing me with good people to surround myself with, people who care for me. Because of this I want to allow God to work through me and help me to care for other people. You can help by donating towards sending me to serve at Beloved and Beyond, or by praying if you are unable to donate. Feel free to do both if you're feeling ambitious, though. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time and generosity. 

Thank you,

Reece Perez

Karla Cox
Excited to be a part of your ministry at Camp Beloved & Beyond this summer!
McLaughlin Family $25.00
Jaclyn H
It's a joy to get to see you growing up to love God and others! I pray He will work in and through you during your week at camp :)
Gwynne Gruizenga-Top $25.00
Tammy Kapplinger
Good luck & have fun on your trip!!
Josh & Melanie Parker $50.00

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