Aubrey Peruccio's Boston Marathon fundraiser for the Boston Bulldogs Running Club

The Boston Bulldogs are excited to have a team of runners representing the Club in the 2019 Boston Marathon! Your support of the team will enable the Boston Bulldogs to continue to expand its programs in support of wellness in recovery. Thank you! Learn More
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Dreams really do come true. Running the Boston Marathon has been a dream and goal of mine for a very long time -- a goal that I wasn’t sure would be possible at times. This will without a doubt challenge me in ways that I have never been challenged before but since joining the Boston Bulldogs and becoming a part of the club, they have inspired me and helped me to believe that anything is possible.

I, like so many others, have been personally impacted by addiction. Being a part of a community which supports those in recovery and all others affected by addiction means so much to me. The support, love, friendship and sense of community that this club provides is truly amazing. I am so proud to be representing the Bulldogs running the 2019 Boston Marathon! I will be running in memory of my friend Ben.

I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

Thank you for joining me!

You killed it- sorry for the delayed donation.
Christina Tauris
So proud of you Aubrey! Love you! xoxo
I am so proud of you!!!! You got this!!
Sansa Stark $131.00
Chelsea Peruccio
You’ve got this Aub!! Cannot wait to cheer you on tomorrow!! Xoxo
Aly & Mike Galvin
Aubs, So beyond proud of you!!! You and the bulldogs are going to crush it tomorrow!!!!
Tracey Gadles $100.00
Uncle Darek and Auntie Annette
So proud of you Aubs. Have a great run. Benny’s smiling at you all the way. Love love love you. Auntie Annette and Uncle Darek
Melissa Roberto $25.00
Gabby Peruccio
Ya baby!!!! Let’s get to $10,000!!!! We can do it
R. Dobson
Your cause is inspirational to all. Thank you and good luck on your run!! While the marathon will be over before you know it the fight to support will be one we all continue to support!!
Steph & Ivin
Congrats Aubrey! You are going to kill it!!
Valerie $25.00
The Sullivans $100.00
Sandi Smith Mathiau
Awesome Aubrey.. best of luck.. I’m Auntie Lisa’s friend♥️
Rosalie Peruccio
Hi Aubs, this donation is from gramma. She wanted to support you too. She loves you very much and will be praying for a safe and healthy marathon for you and everyone. ❤❤
Lisa Peruccio
Dear Aubs, I wanted to give you an extra donation for being so wonderful and inspiring others to participate with their support. ❤❤
Christine E. Pallotti $20.00
Laura Keitges
You’ve got this! Best of luck! ❤️
Ryan Fitzgibbon
Good luck on Monday!!
Liz Sherman
you go girl!
Go Aubrey!!!
Tony, Nancy, Anthony and Vivian
Good luck Aubrey!! So proud of you and we will be cheering you on from FL. Love you!
The Valentinis
Way to go Aubs!
Cory says Hi...We'll be rooting for you!
Love you Aubrey
You got this girl!!!
Trevor Constantine $20.00
Patty & Joe Regan
On your marathon journey, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face. Love,
Mary Lou
Proud of you and love what the organization is supporting.
Auntie Rosie & Uncle Joe
Aubrey Rose we are so proud of you for taking on this awe-inspiring challenge for such a wonderful cause ❤️❤️❤️ We love you
Peter Welch's Gym Fundraiser $140.00
Carol Casey $200.00
You are amazing!! Can’t wait to cheer you on!
Courtney Andries
YGG! So proud of you! ❤️
Chelsea Clark
Good luck Aubrey!!
Jack Collins
Thanks Aubrey! Have a great day out there. We'll see you on Beacon St.
Bulldogs Fundraiser - 3/17/19 $800.00
Alexa Saccone
You go girl!!
Camille & Tony Brodeur
Good Luck Aubrey! I know you can do it.
Treads for change. Proud of you Aubs!
Brian G
Aubrey awesome to see you’re running progress over the last couple months, you’re gonna crush it!
Newbury Electrology & Skin Care $100.00
Caitlin Alpern
Treads for change
Darienne Moncada
Treads for change - you are amazing!!
Lesley Callahan
So proud of all your hard work!! Oooxxx Eddie & Lesley
Meg Porter $50.00
Love you Aubrey!!!
Dave Shluger
Treads for Change - run Forrest run!
Aishleen Flanagan
You go Aub! Treads for Change!
Olivia Shluger
Treads for Change! I am so proud of you Aubs!!! Love you!
Ken & Beth Shluger
Treads for Change - Go get 'em Aubrey!!
Treads for change! Woohooo can’t wait!!
Alan and Gye Brunner
Best of luck to Aubrey and the Boston Bulldogs Running Club
Madeline Johnson
Treads for change! Go Janine!!!!
Mary Ellen Kilcoyne $150.00
Cristina & Eric Hoff $50.00
Deborah E Pullen
Treads for Change
We are so proud of you Aubrey! Love you so much!!! (treads for change)
Lynn Porter
Good Luck!
The Byrne family
Good for you Aubrey!
Alex Ducharme
Good luck Aubrey! So proud of you!!
Kelley Curley
Treads for Change - honored to be training beside you! Congrats on another milestone run today!
Jon Snow $1,000.00
Kellianne Carfi
Treads for change
Kathryn Carfi
Treads for change
Nick P
Treads for change
Jessica $20.00
Meg Budries
Treads for Change. Good luck Aubrey!
treads for change_you go girl!!
Aubrey Peruccio
Treads for change!
Kim Murray
Yay Aubrey!! Good luck :)
Emily Prior
Tredsforchange... Good luck girl!!
Super Bowl Squares
Thank you SO much to everyone who bought a square!!!! I appreciate it so so much <3 Good luck to you all!
Tyler Gibbs
Good luck!
Tony Grappone
I'm so proud of you for committing yourself to this great cause!
Lamech M
Good Luck Aubrey!
Lauren Gaudreau $25.00
Caitlin & Adam Alpern
We are so excited for you Aubrey & will be cheering you on in April! You’re going to crush it!!!!
McKenzie Sparling
Good luck! You're going to crush it!
So proud of you, Aubs! Love you lots... I'll be there cheering you on in spirit! <3
Dear Aubs, you are so brave my dear niece. I know how much your Ben meant and means to you. I know you will run this marathon with Ben by your side. Love you, Auntie
Bonnie Wittman
Love you Aubrey!!! Thank you for being so ambitious, kind hearted and thoughtful❤️ You’re amazing!
Joe Capilli
Good Luck.
Bethany Wittman
Goodluck Aubs!! Benny would be so so proud of you!
Kate Elovich
Go get 'em Aubrey!!
Alexa & Garett
Go get em' Aubs! So proud of you! Love you <3
Lucas Rhodes
This is great Aubrey! Good luck
Caitlin & Ryan
SO proud of you Aubs!
Alexandra Shields
Thank you for doing this Aubrey! Good luck <3
Meghan Prendergast
Good luck! You are going to be amazing!
Gabby Peruccio
Go Bulldogs!!!! Love you Aubs!
Pete and Sue Hayden
We will be rooting for you Aubz!
Kay & Bri
We are so proud of you! Can’t wait to cheer you on! Xoxo
Tom Kazanowski
So proud of you Aubs!!!
Doug & Marie Jacinto
Good luck Aubs !!!!
Debbie Coppola $50.00
Katie & Alex Wolf
Proud of you!! <3
Michael Kilcoyne
Good luck, Aubrey!!
Matt & Erin <3
Melissa Morrissey
Laura Klacik
Good luck Aubrey! :)
Kelly C
So proud of you!!! You are amazing :)
Ryan & MA
You go girl!! So proud.

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