Cory Greene's Boston Marathon fundraiser for the Boston Bulldogs Running Club

The Boston Bulldogs are excited to have a team of runners representing the Club in the 2019 Boston Marathon! Your support of the team will enable the Boston Bulldogs to continue to expand its programs in support of wellness in recovery. Thank you! Learn More
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Running in the Boston Marathon has always been a goal of mine and I am proud to be able to accomplish it as a part of a group of people as dedicated as the Boston Bulldogs. As someone who has watched addiction grab a person very close to me and never let go, it is very satisfying to be part of a group that does so much to help people who have struggled with the disease. The friendships that I have created in a short time with the Bulldogs show how welcoming the team is and the way the Club has grown to this point is  testament to how effective it is for people in the addiction community. I have witnessed first hand how difficult it is for someone to kick addiction for good and I have the upmost respect for anyone who has been successful at it. 

I will be running these 26.2 miles in memory of my father, and anyone else who has ever tried and gone down swinging.

Erik Wernig
Good luck buddy!
Mikaela, Chris, and Matthew Lowrance
Good Luck today! XO
Auntie Jill (haha)
Best of luck in the hardest run! No big deal, right?!
Beard buzz off for Jp and Benny!! $986.00
Gramp & nanzie
The very best of luck from both of us
David Susan Brendan and Abby
We are so proud of you!! You dad is shining down!! See you at the finish line!!xo
Patricia Aube $250.00
chuck $100.00
M.M. Zerfoss $150.00
Michael John Bernard $200.00
Kaz Contracting $150.00
Andrew Martino $150.00
Lauren Ellis $25.00
Daniel McQuade $50.00
Mary McQuade $25.00
Go Cory! Beers on Sean at the finish
Thank You!!!
Just a part of the generous donations from the beard buzz off fundraiser!!
Denise Eddy
Best of luck to you Cory!
Hope y'all hit your goal!
Cathy Murphy
Good Luck Cory! Happy Birthday
Sara Coyne
Good luck running, Cory!! What a wonderful cause:) -Sara Coyne (Ashley's colleague)
AutoAlert Boston Sales Team
on behalf of Aaron Andrade
Michelle Reid
Good Luck and Happy Running! -Michelle Reid (Ashley's Granite Links Colleague)
Cara Gaziano
Eric H
Tricia Tor
Your Dad would be so proud of you. Best of luck!
Boston Bruins Alumni
Bahar Alam
Good luck Cory, your dad is very proud of you. I miss him a lot. Bahar (driver)
Anne Mucinskas
I am so proud of you. I will be at the finish line cheering you and my nephew to victory. " You couldn't give me three wishes."
The Gill Family
God bless Cory! This is remarkable!
Jim martin $495.01
Patricia Aube
Cory, I'd love to have you join "The Run to Home Base" for my Home Base Charity, which I am on the Board of Directors., If you are interested please go to thank you! Pat Aube
Courtney Shone $100.00
Edward Sakakeeny
You go young man. Very impressive. I miss my BUDDY!!!!!
Ken and Joy Foraste
Good luck
Keith Green
Let go buddy you can do it for your DAD. Congrats Keith Green
Mike and Carol Prendergast
Best of luck from some friends from BR!
Dennis Leedom $75.00
Colin Devine
Best of Luck from your friends in Ireland !
Thanks for sharing your story and good luck with your run!
So good of you to support this important cause. Good luck!
John T Grady-Greater Boston Coach
Good luck Cory! I am sure your Dad will be smiling in heaven as you cross the finish line!
Bob & Kathy Mulhall (BRCC)
I have ran it twice - such a great race - have fun!!
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Andy Hughes $20.00
Jennifer Cyrs
Best of luck, Cory!
Daniel Donovan
Thanks for supporting a good cause. Means a lot brotha! Go get em. Love ya
Molly Wogan
Rooting for you Cor!
Erin $100.00
Jen Keaney
Goodluck Cor! So proud of you!! Can't wait to watch you cross that finish line :) :) xox Jen
Rosie Branton
The Demps $150.00
Kim Carey
So excited for you, you got this
Good luck Cor!
Mike Walsh $100.00
Here’s to reaching goals and crossing off the bucket list. Can’t wait to watch you cross the finish line. So proud of you!
So proud of you Cory! Your passion and determination will surely help you cross this off your bucket list! You’ve got this...Love you lots, Mom
Your pal AL
Proud of you, Cor! ❤️
Eric $30.00
Skylew Kewnew
Go get 'em!
It's "utmost" father, like son!
Go Cor!!!
Molly Ladd
Run, Cory run!
Steve Flannery
Best of luck Cory!
This is a way better cause than brunch, love ya!
Good luck Cory!
Kevin Howlett $40.00
Good for you Cory! Enjoy every mile especially the last one!!
Proud of you
Rachael simmons
Kill it kid!❤️So proud of you.
Linda & Kath
Marie Sullivan
Best of luck, Cory!!
Abigail Greene
So proud of you Cor! Love ya
Good Luck Buddy...your dad would be proud of you!
Marcus Kelley $50.00
No words for how proud I am to call you my bro. You got one obnoxiously loud fan upstairs that you know thinks this is hilarious. Love love ya

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