John McDonough's Boston Bulldogs Boston Marathon Fundraiser

The Boston Bulldogs are excited to have a stellar team of runners representing the Club in the 2019 Boston Marathon! Your support of the team will enable the Boston Bulldogs to continue to expand its programs in support of wellness in recovery. Thank you Learn More
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Hi Friends and Family, 

I’m incredibly thankful for the chance to run the Boston Marathon this year, and just as proud to represent a cause I believe in as much as the Boston Bulldogs Running Club!

The Boston Bulldogs supports people in recovery from addiction, as well as their families, friends and caregivers. It provides a supportive community that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

I remember the first run I did after joining the Bulldogs this fall. We ran about 5 miles that night, split up into segments of a mile or one and a half miles. By the end of it I thought I was going to collapse. A few weeks later I did my first 10 K with the bulldogs, and two months after that, a half-marathon. I can’t believe that I’m already training for a marathon, and I have the Bulldogs to thank for getting me here. Everyone I’ve met has been so kind and welcoming, and running with them has become a highlight every week. I am glad to have the opportunity to support and give back to the club. I hope that the Bulldogs can continue to support many others as they have supported me.

Thank you for any help you can give; it means a lot and I greatly appreciate it. Please share this page!

Maureen OBrien
Go, John!!
Alice's Cookies $40.00
John Mark
I'm proud of you John, keep the faith!
Shawn Ahern
Good luck with the training John. I think it is wonderful that you are going to run the Boston Marathon.

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