Meaghan's 2019 Boston Marathon to support the Boston Bulldogs

The Boston Bulldogs are excited to have a stellar team of runners representing the Club in the 2019 Boston Marathon! Your support of the team will enable the Boston Bulldogs to continue to expand its programs in support of wellness in recovery. Thank you Learn More
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I can still remember “just showing up” on that bone cold day in February, 2017 to find a small circle of runners -- wondering why no one had headphones in and hoping they wouldn’t ask me any questions. I was nervous, newly sober, and very unsure about this running club thing. Everything in my head was telling me running is too hard, you have no business being here, just go home. I still don’t know why, but for some reason, I paid attention to the wise advice I got the night before to “just show up”. As the other runners made room for me in the circle that morning, I heard Coach talk about things that would eventually shape my life. Almost three years later, I am still a member, and am now the Full Circle Outreach Coordinator, for one of the most amazing Running Clubs there is.

The Boston Bulldogs Running Club is a 501c3 Non Profit organization that supports people in recovery from drugs and alcohol and ALL those who have been impacted by addiction. The Boston Bulldogs host weekly group runs in Cleveland Circle, South Boston, Scituate and Plymouth, open to runners and walkers of all levels. Additionally, the Club attends local races and events as a team, offers wellness seminars, sponsored memberships and a Full Circle program for those willing to commit to a training program with a specific running goal and to paying it forward as part of their commitment. The Boston Bulldogs are piloting a Junior Bulldogs program with the Italian Home for Children to promote wellness to a vulnerable and often dramatically affected population of 10 -13 year olds, and have recently started a Giving Back program to provide a helping hand to homeless populations in local communities.

This Club is full of selfless, kind-hearted warriors, who have helped me break free from the shame and lost identity that I experienced while using. I am now training with 7 of my fellow Bulldogs to run my 3rd Boston Marathon and 7th marathon overall -- and still can’t believe it sometimes. Please consider donating to this cause and help us to offer resources and programs to all those in the community who support wellness in recovery. Thank you for your support

Nana and Auntie Dee $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Alice’s Cookies $80.00
Erik Deitz $100.00
Donna Florence $50.00
Terry Cuomo $50.00
Way to go ❤️

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