Amiad Zionpur's Boston Marathon Fundraiser for the Boston Bulldogs Running Club

The Boston Bulldogs are excited to have 7 runners representing the Club in the 2019 Boston Marathon! Your support of the team will enable the Boston Bulldogs to continue to expand its programs in support of wellness in recovery. Thank you! Learn More
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Those of you who know me are familiar with my love and passion for the outdoors and physical challenges, most especially in running. I’ve enjoyed running since age 15 but just a year ago, at 43, I began running long distances—completing two marathons and two ultras. In 2018, I accomplished my goal of running over 1700 miles (2800 km).

This coming spring, on April 15, 2019, I am hoping to accomplish another goal by running the 123rd Boston marathon. I am honored and thrilled to run this prestigious race on behalf of the Boston Bulldogs Running Club.

The Bulldogs, a 501(c)3 non-profit running club, is on a mission to provide an anonymous and safe community of support for all those adversely affected by addiction. They support those in recovery, their families and friends, the clinical community, and the community at large – and promote the importance of wellness and self-leadership in recovery.

Addiction is a growing problem and there is a dearth of services accessible to those affected. Running can play a vital role through the arduous recovery process. Beyond creating a critical sense of community, it also provides individuals a driving motivation— physically, mentally, and spiritually. My goal is to help the Bulldogs by raising $10,000 in order to support their commendable and much needed efforts. I am proud to be involved with this wonderful group of people and hope you’ll consider contributing to the Bulldogs by making a donation—no amount is too small.

With gratitude for your support,


VMware match $1,175.00
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gift $1,527.00
Anonymous $1,527.00
Eugene Parizher
Allie & Pete Gorman
Good luck Amiad!
Anonymous $1,200.00
Good luck and great work!
Anonymous $100.00
Garcia-Miller Family $150.00
Debra Samuels
Run Amiad, Run!
Natick Runners
The Crowes
Good luck!
Sarah A Kasper
You are an inspiration! Thank you for supporting such a worthwhile organization. I hope you enjoy every second of your Boston Marathon experience.
Kim $26.00
VMware Foundation $100.00
High St boys
We will be rooting for you!
Brege Ocansey $50.00
Tom Vogel
Crush it Amiad!
Jodi V
Good luck Amiad!
Michael Beville
You break that hill, don’t let that hill break you!
Golden family $100.00
Anonymous $50.00
Michael Appell and Guy Ronen
Good Luck
Good luck!!!
Amy and Dave $102.62
Run, Run, Run -
Go Amiad!
Ellen Levey
Go for all great things, Amiad.
Greg Vitarelli
Madeleine Levey $50.00
Best of luck, Amiad! We'll be rooting for you!
The Kramer Family $150.00
Char Fugere
Good luck! Give me a high five as you run past me on race day!
RMF event $65.00
Ron A
Good luck!
Hannah & Patrick
Run Amiad, RUUUUUN !
Pauline Hodgdon $75.00
Hello Amiad, We wish you the best of luck, and will be rooting you on from Lesotho. Thanks, Merida, Collin and Hugochunga
Swetha and Marc Valas
Woohoo! Go Amiad!
Eric Jackson
Good luck Amiad!!
Don Grochowski
Good Luck - beat my record just under 3 hours - ok actually 3 days
Go Amiad!!
The Mazda Man
Youv'e got this!
Barry & Terri $100.00
Maxime Madtoingue
Go Shoota, Go Boston Bulldogs!! All the best, MM
Masters Family
Go Amiad!!
Alexis Avila
Thanks for taking this on and representing the Boston Bulldogs and supporting those suffering from addiction, and making a positive impact. Crush it bro.
The Allen Family
So excited for you Amiad! Best of luck!!
Irving C Marcus
Anonymous $25.00
5:30 Crew $100.00
Drusilla Pratt-otto
Thank you for fundraising for he Bulldogs!!! So awesome! Wishing you the very best for your efforts and your marathon!!!!
Joan $200.00
Bob, Naama, Amishai $50.00
Great cause. Great Gent. Sending love.
Jaclyn and Roman
Way to go Amiad! You are so inspiring!
Gregory M Gronbacher $25.00
Marissa Jeffers
Good luck Amiad!!! Crush it!!
Chris Barbin
You've got this, Amiad!
The Luria Family $50.00
Danielle Baer $25.00
The Fucci Family
Go get em, Amiad!
Kalani Z.
Good luck with your race Aba!

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