Sheila Cusack's Boston Marathon Fundraiser for the Boston Bulldogs Running Club

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I’m blessed to be a Bulldog. I met Coach Mike Ferullo, a friend of my son Patrick, and lots of other “Dogs” at the Bulldog’s inaugural run in October, 2015. While I’ve always dabbled in running (first in high school as a half-miler and later as a weekend jogger), I attended the first run as a volunteer photographer. The following week, though, after being inspired by the mission of the Club, I started running around the Rez myself and was hooked.

Now, three years later, my life continues to be enriched by countless inspiring people who open their hearts to one another each and every week, striving for and supporting each others’ journeys to physical and emotional wellness. Unfortunately, addiction affects and impacts too many of us, but the motivating Bulldog community recognizes the warrior that lives within us all and spreads hope to those seeking and building new beginnings.

The 2019 Boston Marathon will be my first ever marathon, and I’m honored to run it for the Boston Bulldog Running Club. Thanks to all (including my daughter Charlotte) who are helping to prepare me for the big day!

I greatly appreciate your support in this fundraiser and invite you to join us on our weekly runs!

Cay Carroll
Sheila, Congrats on an amazing accomplishment, so impressive! Cay
Karen Shashoua
Sheila- You rock! Thanks for running for such an important cause.
Jesse Caron
Amy Doyle
You're amazing! Can't wait to see you on the course today!!!
Go Sheila! You've got this! I'm so proud of you
Rupert G
So awesome that you are running tomorrow.
Angela Galanopoulos
You are amazing Sheila Cusack!!!!!
You go!! You're my hero...sorry I won't be there, but I will be tracking you. Enjoy your huge accomplishment. xo
Meaghan O’Sullivan
I remember you telling me over a year ago, you don’t think you could ever run a marathon. And here we are, YOUR RUNNING A MARATHON! So proud to be on this journey with you, your amazing!
Anonymous $100.00
Susan Wolff and Brian Berube
Good luck, Sheila! We are so impressed by you!
Henry Smith and family
Good luck Ms. Cusack!
David & Mary Grace Summergrad
Go Sheila, go! So proud of you!
The DelVecchio Family
Hi Sheila! Good luck with the run and we'll be watching for you at the 23 Mile marker!! Best, Linda DelVecchio and family.
The Palmucci Family
You’re amazing! We will be cheering for you on the sidelines. Warmly, The Palmucci Family
Kathy Fletcher
Good luck Sheila! Wishing an optimal day for running. (no rain, not hot!)
Judy and Ron Jacobs $25.00
Anne Weinstein
Anonymous $100.00
June Anzalone $50.00
Robin Clifford $25.00
Lucas and Kendra
Good luck!!!
Tabitha and Robert Black
Shelia, My intention to support your marathon was to give 50 bucks. Then my husband Robert who struggled with drinking until he was 28 years old wanted to double it. Your story touched him as he knew he might've been the type of father you had if he not found AA when he did. This is from both of us. Good Luck
Anne Murphy
Good luck Sheila! I'll be cheering you on in Wellesley!
go Sheila!
Susan and Jim Glickman
Best of luck with this important personal milestone!
The Caseys
Run Sheila, run!!
Alice's Cookies!
Everyone LOVED them! Delicious!
Anonymous $50.00
Julie L
Good Luck!
Pat and Jack
Good luck, Sheila. Look for us at Dennison Crossing
Hilton Family
Good Luck Sheila!
Shelley and Michael Ferullo
Thanks for all you do to support the Bulldogs....and of course we'll look forward to Lizzie's Granola.
Good luck Shelia. I will be rooting for you. Cheryl
Judy Sockol
You are inspirational Sheila!!
Denyse Dodd
Sheila wishing you a great first marathon experience. Go Bulldogs!
Flynn Family
Torin Hayes
Way to go, Sheila!
Jack Collins
Thanks Sheila , enjoy your 1st. Boston Marathon. We'll be out there cheering for you.
Ged Olson
Good luck Sheila!
Jillian Dyment
Sabra and Steve Sherry
Good luck, Sheila! What a great cause. We wish you all the best on race day!
Dianne Muendel
Long may you run!
Gerry Caron
Run your heart out Sheila!! Awesome challenge...
Courtney Pelletier
Go Sheila go!
Summer Cosgrove $10.00
The Lawlors
See you out on the hills !
Suzanne Raskin
Good luck!
You go girl! I'm so impressed!
Brian A Cusack
Slow and Steady
Dave Chaet
Good luck!
Mark Goldner $50.00
Cathy Fischer-Mueller $20.00
Barbara Cusack
Good luck and have a great run!
Robin Schell $50.00
Bob Miller
Go Sheila!
Barb Schiele
Go Sheila!!
Go for it, Sheila! I’ll be rooting for you!!
Ellen Mills
Best of luck Sheila!
Jennifer Jaruse
Tracy and Jen
Run, Sheila, Run! You've go this!!
joanne wills
Thanks for running, Sheila! Enjoy it...
The Kinghorn Family
Go Shiela Go! You are amazing! Thank you for bringing awareness to addiction and sharing your family’s struggle. We will cheer for you. Xo
Cynthia & John Hrones
We'll be rooting for you! Great cause! We miss you on Coulton Park.
Joan and John
Way to go, Sheila. We'll be cheering you on on Marathon Monday!!!
Sheila Roberts
Good luck, Sheila!
susan howell
you go girl!!!!
Mindy Bernard
Such a great cause! Wishing you all the best for an easy running April.
Susan Shaver
You can do it!!
Kelly Scheib Family
To a wonderful friend for a very worthwhile cause. Go Sheila!
Joan and Paul Casey
So excited for you Sheila!
Jane Knetzger
What a great organization--and a great effort by you!
Laurie and Rick
Wow Sheila!! We are so very impressed and excited for you!! Happy training. We wish you comfort and strength and ease on Marathon Day! Lots of Love, Laurie and Rick
Kelly Wingo
Inspired by you!!! Love, Kelly
Sarah Lamb
Good luck and enjoy all the cheering crowds along the way!! Thanks for running for such a great cause, too.
Jim and Julie McGovern
Tammy LamenzoEun hard
Run hard for the Bulldogs!!
The Goff Family
Thank you for running for the Boston Bulldogs Sheila! You're going to crush Boston! <3
The Turner Family
Go Sheila!! Best wishes for a great run on April 15th!
Susan Massucco
You go, girl! I am always amazed by you!
Karen and Alex Bejian
Best of Luck Sheila! What a great accomplishment! We are all rooting for you!
The Benner Family
Best wishes for a wonderful day on the course!
Sheila, I am so happy for you - You are one of the kindest and strongest people I know. Its a privilege to support you in this.
Will Diamond
Can’t wait to cheer you on. Go Sheils!!
Go Sheila!
Rooting for you Sheila! I know you got this!
Joe and Alissa Nadeau
You go Sheila!
Hoo hoo- you go, girl!!!
Scott & Barb Friedhoff
Great cause! Hope you have a great run.

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