NYC Marathon & Team De:terminence

Bridget Runs NYC Marathon For Team De:terminence! Preview

Hello Dear Friends!

For years, it’s been a dream of mine to run in the New York City Marathon. This year I was thrilled when I finally made it through the lottery and was chosen to participate!

Over the years running has become a huge passion of mine and to run 26.2 miles in my favorite city will be such an amazing moment in my life.

But beyond running for fun, there will purpose behind each step. I am fundraising on behalf of De:terminence and it’s my goal is to raise $1500!

How can you help? It’s easy - - I’m looking for people to sponsor me a dollar (or more!) for each mile I run with every dollar going towards De:terminence’s goal of helping those with physical limitations cross finish lines, climb mountains and accomplish other physically challenging events.

$26 = 26 (.2!) miles.

Would you consider partnering with me and sponsoring my run? Many of you were so generous and kind to donate towards De:terminence’s hike earlier this year - know that your support means the world and not only is this run a big deal for me personally, but I would love to make an impact in helping to further De:terminence’s future endeavors.

Thank you so much for cheering me on and know that every dollar will make a huge impact!!

Bridget Johnston

Lysandra $26.00
M4Jweller $50.00
Anonymous $26.20
Run Bridget! Run!
Danielle Allen
Run JUICY Run!!!
Amy Sosa $44.00
Kevin Patterson $55.00
Katie Kearns $50.00
Claire Blakey
So proud of you Bridget!
Sarah Rohwer
You've got this Bridget!
Matt & Paul
We are so excited and proud of you, Bridget!!! <3
Run, Bridget, run!! So excited for you!
John L $50.00
Cure FA
Laura and Glenn
Glenn and I are donating a dollar a mile each. So excited and proud of you. ❤️ you girl. Go show NY what this Cali girl can do.
Jessica Lamppert
You're gonna crush it! Have an amazing time in NY and thanks for giving me the opportunity to give back and help others achieve big things :)
You got this!!
You are such an amazing friend, role model, and you inspire me every day to be a better person. I love you Bridget!
Sandra Delgadillo
Good job and kill it this weeo
I am so excited for you Bridget! This is such an incredible dream come true AND such a beautiful way to raise awareness and funds for an amazing cause. Now go kick ass
The Saragoza’s
Go Bridget!!
Chelsea & Josh
Go Bridget!!! Way to rep Team De, so proud of you <3
Marian Zakharia $28.00
Jillian G. $25.00
Rebekah Walsh $26.40
Emily Schwimmer
You got this girl! So proud of you Bridget!!
Sarah $26.00
Heidi Lush
Go get em tiger
Candice Parnell
Love you sis
Way to go Bridg! $50.00
Janessa Stewart
Good luck!!!
Selena L Hernandez
Go Bridget
Bridget Johnston
So very cool what you are doing to make it possible for people to achieve their goals & dreams!
Suzanne A.
I’ll be watching and rooting for you!
Jordan Freeny-Thompson
Best of luck to you! Such an amazing cause!
Anonymous $30.00
Hillary Cummings
Good luck Bridgy!!! Forza!
Good luck Bridget! You’re gonna kill it!
Nelli Nguyen $130.00
Way to go Bridge! Love you sis!
Aunt Jenny
I’m so proud of you!! Love you sweetie
John Orozco
Go Bridget!

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