15th Cycling for Sight 2019

Please support the San Diego Center for the Blind (SDCB) and the Blind Stokers Club (BSC)

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Baaaaa!  It's BaaBaaRa and I am baaaaaack riding for CFS!  I am once again asking for your donations and inviting you to a party! Remember that any donations to my event are counted as over-the-top birthday/ holiday presents and you will also receive good karma points because we are riding to raise money for the SAN DIEGO CENTER FOR THE BLIND, and if you go back to the main page for this event, you can find out more about this amazing organization. 

Okay guys, the Black Sheep thing came about years ago because I was so late getting my fundraising started, and this year I am putting out this notice only 3 weeks before our event.  I'd like to address some criticism I've gotten for asking my friends to help support this cause, and not just paying my own way.  I DO donate to SDCB, but the way I do it is not to donate to my own ride, but to the buckets of my friends.  This event is the biggest fundraiser for SDCB, and I have heard first-hand accounts of how the Center changed the perception of what was possible for someone who had lost their vision as an adult, and gave them training in how to negotiate the world without vision, and the tandem riding teams in our club also give our blind and visually-impaired members a chance to get a fantastic workout and be part of a truly wonderful community of cyclists who really care about each other,  I have made friends who have lost their vision from a variety of different causes, and although I'm not really quite strong enough to ride tandem at the speed I'd need to keep up with the club, I feel that this gives me an opportunity to expand my world by sharing it with my amazing, fun, adventurous, diverse group of blind and V/I friends!

Please mark your calendar for a PARTY to celebrate friendship and cycling on Sunday, June 23rd, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. My idea is that we will all bring a salad of some sort to share, and eat at Tidelands Park, which is just over the Coronado Bridge, and then either walk or drive a very short distance to rent a SURREY (yes, the very slow pedal-cars that cyclists tend to find annoying)- and have a parade of super-slow and silly cycles, just because it will be goofy and fun.  This Is MY TREAT, and you will be welcome to ride, whether or not you donate to my ride, but I will also be wildly happy if you do donate!  

(check back for further details on the party)

Geri Zuckerman $25.00
Happy Birthday. Late Donation from Aix-en-Provence
I like to play hopscotch, too!
Dr. David Shalinsky $25.00
Deanne R Veronneau $250.00
Liza and Andrew
Hope you can ride again and your mom is much better very soon!
Arlene and Ted
As always, it is so wonderful that you do this. Your generosity and energy are admirable. Go Barbara!
Lori Mendez
Go Baa Baa Ra! Yeah, Blind Stokers!
Lisa Auslander
Great cause!!
Anonymous $40.00
Stephanie Webber
Such fun Barbara - enjoy!
Have fun! I love you!
Marc Narkus-Kramer
I am so happy to help you out with this great cause.
Cynthia Keune
Hey Girl, It's cool that you are so dedicated to this cause!! Pedal! Pedal!
Barbara, Thank you for the gift to give. Have a grand day! I'm out of town during the event but happy to contribute!
Have a great ride!
Ken Herman
Just keep pedaling!
Now we can start this ride . . .

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