15th Cycling for Sight 2019

Please help me support the San Diego Center for the Blind and the Blind Stokers Club, our friends and a local charity!

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Hi Friends and Family!

Ben and I have been members of the Blind Stokers Club for several years and we are raising funds for the San Diego Center for the Blind (SDCB) in the 15th annual Cycling for Sight ride next month. My dad founded the Blind Stokers Club over a decade ago and we've had the honor and privilege to witness it's impact on many people, both sighted and blind/visually impaired.  We don't do a lot of fundraising, so please consider donating to this cause, where all of the proceeds go directly to the SDCB and where each donation has the capacity to directly impact a local charity and people that are part of our community, here in San Diego.

Many thanks for your support!

I am so proud of you two! Love you.
Tamar Melen $10.00
Charlies Plumbing
Proud to support you guys!! Good on you!!!
Tania Miller
Way to go!
Byron via Fidelity Charitable $200.00
Sandeep Kamath $50.00
Gail and Q
Ride hard, Laurin and Ben! Thanks for all you and your family do!
Donna and Mark Cardenas
Good Job you guys! Have a great ride!
Neille Solomon
Go get it!
Heliana O.
Amazing cause, thank you for your hard work and commitment!
Pete Fricke $50.00
Molly McLeod
Awesome cause you guys!!
Leo Willetts
Great Cause.
Love you guys and your commitment to helping the blind!
Anonymous $100.00
Amy W
try to stay awake this time Laurin :D
That's number 1 times 3 (Willy too)

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