CJAM FM 2020 - In The Garage

CJAM FM needs your support to continue our operations as your source for alternative radio in WIndsor/Detroit! Learn More
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Hi Friends and Family, we are partnering with CJAM 99.1 FM and raising money for CJAM FM 2020 Fundraiser. This is the only time out of the year that we ask for donations.

We are proud supporters of the garage, punk, psych, surf, and indie music/art scenes in Windsor and Detroit. We air Wednesday nights 9pm-10:30 and Friday mornings 9am-10:30. We have been hosting our show at In The Garage for 5 years now with no end in sight. Help us keep the dream alive.

CJAM is the only true sound alternative in Windsor and Detroit. Find more information at www.CJAM.ca. Thanks!

Christine $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
From Detroit with love

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