The Freedom Principle - CJAM FM 2020 Fundrai$er

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Hi Friends, Family and Listeners, this is year 36 of putting new releases of the African diaspora on the air. With your help, I can continue to do so for another 36 years. There are so many good things about CJAM beyond what airs on the radio. It's great for students to get the opportunity to practice and learn in this media as well as providing a voice for marginalized groups within the community.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me!

I love the new CJAM gaiters!
Todd Fraba $100.00
Adam Fox $20.00
Ken Adams
Hey Tom. A goal reached, and a nice round dollar amount, is well worth it from my end. Congrats on being the top fundraising program, again! Ken
Every little bit helps. Will pass on to Neil if he doesn't already know about fund raiser
M. Seal
Michael Husson
Thank you CJAM!
Dennis Swarts $100.00
John Coltrane $40.00
CJAM Fundraiser 2020 warmer @ Brewery $10.00
Jim Fleming
Lester Grogan
Tim Gregorian
Lou DeLorenzo
May we never hear the same thing twice!
Sue Steer
Nektarios Klaras
Ahmed Murtaza
Rhys Ward
Sorry I missed the festivities last nite, was dry walking till 10pm.
Colin Mooers
Viva el principio de libertad!
Keep the flame going Phlegm!! Great job!
Kate Fleming
Pablo Idahosa $100.00
Michael Stout
Keep doing what you r doing Tom!

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