Save CJAM FM - Emergency Fundraising Drive

CJAM FM may loose up to 70% of it's annual revenue this year due changes in tuition fees made by the Ontario Government. We need your help to stay open! Learn More
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Hey folks,

In early January the PC Government announced changes to the way student organizations receive funding. There was no forewarning or discussion and we had to do a lot of sleuthing to find out the truth. With the new "Student Choice Initiative" certain service fees have been deemed NON ESSENTIAL - Even if the service fee was voted in previously by students. CJAM FM has previously received $5 per undergraduate student per semester amounting to roughly 70% of our annual budget for the year.

In fall 2019 students will have the option to opt out of certain fees - including CJAM, the Womxns Centre, Pride Centre, and other services on campus. With our fall budget being a huge question mark, CJAM has already made the tough decision to cut our part-time Music Director position to stop the bleeding. Even with this budget cut (and the 2 other full time staff taking on the Music Director responsibilities) it is not enough to account for the potential $30,000 loss we could be facing.

CJAM is holding this emergency fundraising drive to literally keep us on the air. We don't spend $$ on frills, bells & whistles, elaborate parties, or costly outings. Every dollar spent goes straight back to staff salaries, upkeeping and upgrading station equipment to the industry standard, and providing high quality, unique radio that uplifts the voice of marginalized communities.

We need your support to keep these voices, music, news, views, and important information on the airwaves. Consider donating today! Even a couple dollars, the cost of a cup of coffee, will go right back into our operating costs. 

Kai Hildebrandt
Go, Carley!
J.K. LeBel $75.00
Anon. $25.00
Anonymous $100.00

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