Save CJAM FM - Emergency Fundraising Drive: Indie Electric

CJAM FM may loose up to 70% of it's annual revenue this year due changes in tuition fees made by the Ontario Government. We need your help to stay open! Learn More
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Campus community radio stations are a great platform for independent artists to get exposure they otherwise would not obtain on mainstream networks. With Indie Electric; I deliver a great selection of indie and experimental rock, electronic, industrial and many other genres weekly. Recording my show is always a great highlight to my week and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I love recording it.

Unfortunately; due to changes in tuition fees made by the Government of Ontario; shows like Indie Electric run the risk of being taken off the air. Due to these changes, CJAM.FM is projected to lose up to 70% of its annual funding. This is why we need you, the listener, to help us out. If you're a fan of the show, or any of our other great programs here at CJAM, please consider making a donation in order to keep shows like Indie Electric alive.

Thank you,

Bryan from Indie Electric.

BuddyBoo $40.00
Andrea Wilson $30.00
JB $5.00
Bryan Wilson $30.00

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